Free Speech Zone: Thoughts on transgender women buying feminine hygiene products?


Sophia Castillo

John Van Raay shares his opinion of transgender women buying feminine hygiene products.

Sophia Castillo, Opinion Editor

John Van Raay , Engineering Major

“I don’t even understand why it would be a problem, anyone could buy these products just because it’s marketed towards one group of people shouldn’t exclude another group from purchasing them, boyfriends don’t get periods, but they still buy it for their girlfriends so I don’t see why you should stop someone from doing that.”

Sofia Mataoui, Nursing major

“I think like they should just do whatever they want basically”

Hanna Gonzalez, Nursing major

“I mean like there is no really need for them to have them but if they want to buy them then there is no reason to stop them from buying the products, they’re the ones spending their money if they want it they want it doesn’t really matter.”