Moreno acclimates to life in America


Freshman Marlon Moreno passes the ball during a drill.

Freshman Marlon Moreno joins Cerritos College and its men’s water polo team after leaving Venezuela, and being in the United States for about five months.

Born in Venezuela, he graduated from Virgen del Rosario High School and attended the College of Universidad del Zulia before he came to America.

Moreno played on the Jr. National Team in high school but didn’t play at the college level before transferring to Cerritos.

Its very cool, I like it here,” he said. “I don’t really want to go back to Venezuela. Venezuela is very dangerous and corrupted. I want to stay here.”

Moreno describes Venezuela as a dangerous place to be, but his sole purpose for emigrating from Venezuela and arriving to the United States was to take advantage of opportunities here and try to get a better education.

I came because I wanted to have another opportunity and play water polo,” Moreno said. “I have more of a possibility to get a scholarship here.”

He added, “I just want a new life.”

Moreno serves as a utility player for the Falcons and, in the pool, is described as a perfect fit and a hard worker.

He has a great personality and is very coachable,” head coach Joe Abing said. “He fits right in. He is working really hard and he has made a nice adjustment.”

Teammate and sophomore driver Miguel Garcia added, “He’s strong and brings an intensity to the team. He’s fast and very good at defense.”

Moreno does not seem to have trouble fitting into life outside the pool either as he is enjoying his stay and the presence of his teammates.

My team is like my family. I like my team, everything is going well.”

Moreno’s playstyle conveys intensity and is among the strongest players on the team.

Abing said, “He is incredibly strong. He might be the strongest guy on our team.

“He actually had never lifted weights until the last couple of weeks. Its pretty amazing. He is only going to get stronger.”

The future is uncertain for Moreno, but what is certain is that his focus and attention is directed toward the men’s water polo season.

We have a good team and I feel like we’re in a good position,” he said.

Abing added, “He is a very hard worker. He is trying to take advantage of his opportunity here and get an American education.”