A controlling win for Falcons

The Cerritos College women’s soccer team came out with a 2-1 victory over Consumnes River College at home last Friday.

“I felt we controlled the game, but could have done better,” number 14 Jennifer Torres said.

The Falcons came out with a great start in the first half with a pair of two goals in minute 10:37s and minute 20:09s of the first the first half by number six Nayeli Requejo.

The team was in cruise control leading at the end of the first half. Second half was ready to go and the intensity of the match starts to drop when Consumnes River got a goal back for a chance to be in the game still on the 65:00 minute by Vilma Gonzalez.

Number 18 Cristal Yantuche said,” I agree that we had domination of the match, but we could’ve had a better performance.”

Cerritos Falcons held off the score and created some good chances toward the end of the match.

Number 23 Cassie Reyes thought about their performance on the match, “I felt we had control of most of the match.”