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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Podcast: Bradley vs. Marquez fight analysis

We will be analyzing the fight between Bradley vs. Marquez and see what the future holds for both fighters. For anything boxing, keep it here at Talon Marks.

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Luis Guzman: “In today’s topic at Talon Marks.We will be discussing the fight between Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. We will be making an in-depth analysis on the fight. You are here with Luis Guzman multimedia editor with,”

Abraham Venegas: “Abraham Venegas freelancer of Talon Marks.”

Luis Guzman: ” So today’s topic at Talon Marks we’ll be talking about the fight between Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. And I kind of want to get the thoughts of Abraham Venegas. So what do think about the fight. Did it come out as planned or was it something you didn’t expect.”

Abraham Venegas: “Well it was a good fight, it was a good fight but i don’t agree with the split decision. I thought it should have been a unanimous decision. If you seen the fight, bradlly, he surprise me because I thought his warrior mentality of him would get the best of him and he would exchange with marquez and marquez would win. But he fought a very disclipined fight. He boxed him, he used movements which threw off marquez, he jabed, he picked his punches, he was accuarte with his punches. And marquez he just looked kind of lost. He looked uncomfortable being the aggresor. Because he is usually the counter-puncher. He waits for the other opponents to attack him so he can counter but bradley didn’t make that mistake. He counter-punched the counter-puncher.”

Luis Guzman: ” So what do you think after the fight, marquez team said they were robbed again. He said that happened to him three times in his career. So what do you think about that, did he get robbed actually?”

Abraham Venegas: “No, he lost the fight. It was not a split decision. I mean Marquez always does that, he always says that. Expect for the Mayweather fight, because that was a domination by Mayweather but other thant that. But he has lost a lot of razor thin decisions against Pacquiao twice, against Freddie Norwood. But this fight, he lost the fight. He didn’t do enough to win the rounds.”

Luis Guzman: “Yeah because he you have to think about. You can’t leave it up to the judges. And that’s what he said after the fight. And it’s like well, you didn’t get the knockout that you wanted. It happens you know, you can’t really rely on the cards, you can’t rely on the points you get. What I want to talk about is going to happen after this fight. So what’s going to happen with Bradley?”

Abraham Venegas: “Bradley now has a legit win, even though there is controversy. But this is a win for him, this is a good one for his resume. And I believe you should fight the winner of either paxquioa or rios, or fight the winner of Alvarado vs Provodnikov, and after if he wins leave Top Rank and a super fight with Mayweather. Because I really believe that Bradley will give Mayweather a good run for his money.”

Luis Guzman: ” What do you think about Marquez? Is this his last fight? Is he going to keep on fighting more fights?”

Abraham Venegas: “The thing about Marquez is that he is fighting at welter weight. This guy is not a natural welter weight. He started his career as feather weight. He was at feather and super feather weight for most of his years. Yet his most notable wins came at light weight and welter weight. But the thing is, at welter weight, in four fights he lost three fights. It doesn’t mean that he gained so much weight that he lost the fight because of his weight. He lost because bradley fought a smarter fight. The thing is he is not a natural welter weight. I believe that he should retire. I mean, he doesn’t have nothing to prove really. He is amongst the top-3 best mexican fighters of all time.”

Luis Guzman: “You have been here today with Luis Guzman Multimedia editor and

Abraham Venegas: “Abraham Venegas freelancer of Talon Marks.”




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Luis Guzman, Managing Multimedia Editor
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Podcast: Bradley vs. Marquez fight analysis