Real Madrid players are the kings of Spain

Erik Estrada

Real Madrid won Spanish Super Cup champions after defeating arch-rivals Barcelona in a 5-1 aggregate score.

Real Madrid showed their superiority against Barcelona during the first leg with an assertive 3-1 lead.

The deadlock was broken after Barcelona’s very own Gerard Pique scored a goal to which Lionel Messi responded back after netting a questionable penalty.

The 1-1 tie did not last long because Real Madrid had a trick up their sleeve.

Cristiano Ronaldo came off the bench and gave Real Madrid a 2-1 after a great counter-attack initiated by Ronaldo giving a chest pass to Isco Alarcon who gave a wonderful through ball to Ronaldo and finished the play with a powerful strike.

A fantastic goal called for a fantastic celebration when Ronaldo decided to take off his shirt which calls for and automatic yellow card which would cost Real Madrid later on in the game.

Ronaldo was booked again and sent off after the referee believed Ronaldo dove inside the box after feeling slight pressure from Samuel Umtiti.

Ronaldo was clearly upset and pushed the referee to show his disagreement this action could hold serious repercussions.

When it was believed that everything was all set and done and Real Madrid was going into the second leg with a 2-1 lead Marco Asensio scored a goal from outside the box giving Real Madrid a 3-1.

For the second leg, Real Madrid had to hold their 3-1 lead without Cristiano Ronaldo who was handed a five-game ban.

The game consisted of one game for being booked twice and four games for pushing the referee.

Barcelona had to win by a three-goal difference at Santiago Bernabeu in order to win the Spanish Cup, something they are no strangers of.

However, Marco Asensio, one of the main villains for Barcelona in the first leg had something else to say by scoring another goal in four minutes to starting the game.

With Asensio’s early goal it became nearly impossible for Barcelona to come back and win the cup.

Barcelona now had to win by a four-goal difference which seemed nearly impossible for this well structured Real Madrid squad.

Karim Benzema confirmed Real Madrid’s victory by anticipating Samuel Umtiti inside the box and netting Marcelo’s diagonal pass from inside the box.

For the second half, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez tried to carry Barcelona to a historic comeback but it was not enough for the Catalan club.

They lack depth in their squad which in consequence leads them to depend on the starting 11.

The Spanish Super cup measures how these two powerhouses season could look.

For Real Madrid, The season looks bright; their starting 11 is fantastic with having the best midfield in the world right now with Modric, Casemiro, and Toni Kroos.

On top of that add the best player in the world at the moment Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema who is willing to do all the dirty work up on top and Gareth Bale who when healthy is fantastic.

Madrid’s squad has depth something Barcelona squad lacks now even more with the absence of Neymar who recently left the squad to join Paris Saint Germain.

For Jesus Sanchez, Electronic Engineer major, believes Real Madrid are favorites.

Sanchez states, “Real Madrid will win this Liga season since Barcelona doesn’t have Neymar anymore and they were the only real challenge toward Real Madrid.”

Marvin Cerrate also believes Real Madrid will take this season.

Cerrate said, “Madrid will take this season by a long shot they have a better starting 11 and better players that are able to come off the bench, unlike Barcelona.”

With Zinedine Zidane rotation method working out to perfection and having a phenomenal bench, Real Madrid are not only favorites to win La Liga but to possibly complete the sextuple as well.