In a tough matchup, Falcons lose to Vikings


Luis Lemus

Infographic showing points per quarter from each team. The Vikings obtained the win 13-6 on Oct. 29, 2019. Photo credit: Luis Lemus

Luis Lemus, Staff Writer

Cerritos College Women’s water polo loses a tough game to rival Long Beach City College on Oct. 29.

The game was a show of the top two teams in the division.

The Vikings of Long Beach City College won the tight match winning with a score of 13-7.

After scoring a quick few goals in the first quarter, the Vikings never looked back.

Cerritos had plenty of chances to capitalize on, but the ball just wasn’t on the side of the Falcons.

The Falcons were throwing the ball a bit too hard, ending up over the net or bouncing off of the goalposts.

Coach Sergio Macias said he knew Long Beach was a good team going into the game.

“They’re one of the better teams in the state. I was content that we were able to compete but I still think that we forced a lot of turnovers,” he said.

Macias continues, “I still think a better team like Long Beach was able to force a lot of those and we didn’t do a good job of forcing the turnovers and score some easy goals on our end.

“We must do a better job in that and remain aggressive from the first quarter to the last instead of playing catch up from the beginning.”

Macias further explained what the change in strategy will be, if any.

Macias said, “Just got to be attacking their defense all four quarters, we cannot be letting any plays off.

“When we attack and when we move we’re tough to beat but when we stop being aggressive and stop attacking that allows the other team to gain confidence.”

To Macias, Mia Carbajal is like a “firecracker.”

“She’s all over the pool and even though she is one of the smallest players in the pool, she’s always with a lot of energy,” he said.

He continues, “I think our team feeds off her performance and energy so when she’s on I think our team gets a little more confident and we become tougher to beat.”

Macias said once they review the video and look at their mistakes and see how they can adjust their positioning.

“Our angles weren’t the best from both the players and goalies, so we’ve got to stop giving up so many easy shooting angles.

“It’s the small changes that can make the big difference that I hope we can strive for the next match,” he said.

The next face-off will be against Chaffey College on Nov. 8.