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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Staying fit while staying indoors during the pandemic

Bluey Watches the Top diligently until athletes can return to their “home away from home” The weightlifting facility is equipped with 5 platforms, 3 squat racks, and all the weights you need to make progress in your strength goals. Photo credit: Chad Seltzer

Top My Workout, a Long Beach located gym which opened six months ago, has developed online workouts to keep members fit despite the stay-at-home order.

Through the use of the app TrainHeroic, owner Chad Seltzer said he and his assistant coaches have “banded together to create online programming that’s in the home via the same app that we’ve been using for our athletes.”

The gym has about 50 members and specializes in Olympic Weightlifting, as well as powerlifting and strength and conditioning.

They offer standard strength and conditioning training for those who wish to improve muscle mass and build endurance which is the option typically taken by most members.

However, those who wish to compete in higher-level events will require a greater amount of training, and as such, Top My Workout also offers Olympic lifting training for those up to the challenge.

Top My Workout’s physical location closed when “ the quarantine was basically pushed on us by a government mandate as of March 16 .That was our last day being open.”

With the shift to online workouts, Seltzer and his associates have been able to make the most of what equipment their members have at home.

Seltzer states, “We started to put together online programming for them based on whatever they had, kettlebells or they had dumbbells or just bodyweight resistance bands, whatever equipment they had. ”

“I made small suggestions like you could deadlift your couch or you can take a plant and hold it in front of you. And that’s some added resistance right there,” he adds.

In order to maximize workouts and communicate with coaches, Top My Workout is making use of the App TrainHeroic.

Seltzer explained that “ within the app, we can message them [members], we can check in with them, they can upload videos of themselves performing workouts, so we can do form checks to make sure that everything is sound, and they’re not getting hurt overtime over the next, however many weeks or months that we’re in this quarantine.”

The app also allows members to set timers for workouts so they can follow along with a preset or customized number of sets and repetitions. Members can see examples of the exercises they will need to complete in a simple interface that makes working out as stress-free as possible.

Coach Mark Acosta, a specialist when it comes to Olympic Weight lifting, says “it is an app where we can push programming out to our athletes. For example, if someone wants to join up with the coaches would be able to talk to you and see where you are and to see if you have any type of equipment at home, and work with you accordingly.”

With an online environment comes challenges, as many gyms have seen a notable lack of motivation in their members and their drive to exercise.

Coach Tommy Staup specializes in weightlifting and power lighting and said, “I know a couple of our members have definitely had a harder time than others when it comes to staying motivated.”

Top My Workout has countered this problem through one-on-one checkups, as opposed to posting workout plans and leaving members on their own to follow them.

Acosta says, “When you’re working out with a coach there, not only is there a plan in place for workouts and what days to do them, but you also have a real person there that is going to be checking up on you.”

This personal approach has led to the gym’s success and growth, as numerous members have joined the online services even in this time of quarantine.

If anyone is interested in trying out this one-on-one approach to weight training or even Olympic Weight Lifting, they can find more information on the gym’s Facebook page.

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Staying fit while staying indoors during the pandemic