Everyone should be able to dress sexy without harrassment


Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz

Bianca Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

It’s Halloween night, you are at a party, you have some crappy flat beer in a red Solo cup, you are dressed as something culturally insensitive or unoriginally pathetic, such as a shirt that has the word costume on it and this woman walks in wearing a sexy nurse costume.

Now, your first primitive urge as a neanderthal, is to either a.) grab her butt or b.) make a stupid-ass joke that you, in your inebriated mind, think is going to score you a date and then some, but the only thing you succeeded in is making her uncomfortable.

Now, let’s flip the script and give men a break for the moment.

You are a woman, you didn’t know what to wear and your boyfriend didn’t want to do a cliche couple costume with you, so you found yourself wearing a onesie animal pajama as a Halloween costume.

You are munching on Halloween-themed snacks when a sexy nurse walks in, now, just like a man, two thoughts run through your mind:

1) Grab your boyfriend and get him the hell out out of there because you are distrusting of your partner and naively think that cleavage has a built-in man magnet and 2) call her a slut because you have low levels of self-confidence and subconsciously resent her for her self-confidence.

Now that you have been launched into your own personal scenarios, put yourself in the sexy nurse’s platform high-heels for a moment and rationalize her way of thinking.

It’s Halloween night, and she has been planning her costume for a while now, ever since the middle of August.

Now, to her, while she was selecting or creating her outfit, she wasn’t concerned with who would call her slut, nor was she creating a visual invitation for men to make inappropriate advances without her consent.

She just wanted to celebrate her body, express herself and her right to wear whatever she wanted.

With this being said, I know I used a female example for dressing sexy for Halloween, but the same applies for men and those who are non-binary.

Men shouldn’t be pressured to dress as some overtly masculine video game character, if they want to dress sexy or wear a costume that society hasn’t branded as “masculine,” then that is his choice, not society’s.

Costumes are not naturally gendered, corporations and society are responsible for doing so.

It’s the fault of society for conditioning us into thinking that embracing your sexuality is bad and the only reason someone would want to dress sexy is because they are looking for sex and they want men to grope them and make advances.

Those who dress sexy, be it for Halloween or all-year-around, are not asking to be harassed or assaulted, so keep those comments and hands to yourself, and this applies to men, women and those who are non-binary.

Be unabashedly you, for those who are going to be dressing sexy or want to dress sexy but are afraid of what others may think, do so with confidence!

I’ve said this before, but let me reiterate, we are all going to do die anyways, so might as well go out living our best lives without regret.