Student Art Exhibit arrives on campus

Marco Zepeda and Marco Zepeda

A variety of art pieces being displayed at massive exhibit here on campus.

Special guest Kristina Newhouse, Curator of Exhibitions, University Art Museum, California State University Long Beach, will be the jurist to the 2013 Student Art Exhibit.

A variety of categories such as media, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, computer graphics, photography, and animation will be displayed at the exhibit.

Over 125 students art pieces have been hand chosen by Cerritos College art, design, and photography instructors.

Fine arts major Sonia Hernandez received first place for her photograph at the awards ceremony Monday night. ASCC awarded her with a cash price.

“Practice, practice, practice taking lots of photos,” she said, “It definitely felt good and I feel honored being picked as the winner at this event.

“Even though I won I still feel like an observer so I want to keep moving forward with taking photos.”

The gallery has been going on since Monday, April 29 and will be open until May 17. The exhibit will not be open during the weekends.

Photography major Sylvester Givens received 3rd place in the photograph section. “Being nominated makes me feel proud and inspired for being recognized by my piers,” he explains.

“Life is an image, therefore, I take a camera everywhere I go and use creative though process to get my photos” said Givens.

“You can depict through photo the good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty side of life,” he added.

Undecided major Eric Piarson explained how he was impressed with the work displayed at the exhibit. “The pastel work is great. It is definitely noticeable how much dedication goes in to every piece of art. The quality of work is captivating.”