Artists’ Society Club brings artistic expression to students


Photo credit: Kenia Torres

Kenia Torres

The Artists’ Society Club brings all elements of art together. It welcomes any individual in its club, regardless if that person is an art major or not. Some of the art includes paintings, drawings, ceramics, computer design and animation.

Hope Garcia, president of the club, said, “We, as students, have our own interpretation of what we believe art is, and that is that art is beautiful.”

The students of the club consider themselves a group of people different in all aspects, but are all in the same field; they all agree that art is beautiful.

Once a month, the students critique art, including their own. The club attends art walks, fundraisers, they do face paintings, henna tattooing and go to art shows.

Garcia said, “This is not like high school; it is not a clique. This club is to come together, and even though you aren’t an art major, you can come if you like seeing art. Everyone is helpful whether you are an artist or not.”

Her plan is to expand the club and get involved with other clubs, as well. “As a president striving to keep my students involved, (it) is the best part of my job.”

Garcia also wants to get involved with other clubs, whether those clubs need face painters for their events or anything else they need from an artist.

She wants to be involved around campus and let people see the club’s art and talent.

This club has been around since 2000. The club started because it was looking for visibility on campus back when it used to do art shows; there were only ceramics to show, therefore, it wanted to expand and show other art being created at Cerritos College.

The club wanted to show art, such as paintings and drawings. Its goal was for students to show that there were more aspects in the art field rather than just the one being exposed to students here on campus.

Currently there are around 30 to 35 members since last year, but during Club Info week, there were about 45 to 50 interested to join.

Member of the Artists’ Society Club, Victor Valenzuela, has been part of the society for one semester. “I really like the club. I am happy every time I go there and see other people’s work and the different kind of art forms.”

He wants to major in animation and says that he wants to make an impact around the world with his art. “I just want art to be seen differently, and this club has helped me by allowing me to explore different kinds of art forms.”

Valenzuela continued, “It has allowed me to get over my fear of getting critiqued and criticized for my art work, and the crew and all the staff is awesome here.”

He said this club is like a family; its presence was something he was looking forward to every time it met.

Another member of the club, Itzel Romero, mentioned that the people that have met in the club have been nurturing toward art.

“The critique that you get helps you grow as an artist, but also as a person. When you get feedback from others, it helps you see the flaws that you do not see, and I like how this club has helped me in those ways,” Romero said.