Review: ‘As Above, So Below’ is just another typical horror film

Katherine Grijalva, Arts Editor

Legendary Pictures’ new found footage film, “As Above,So Below” , the movie from sibling filmmakers John Erick and Drew Dowdle , is nearly as similar as previous horror films such as “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity.”

The film starts off with a female archaeologist exploring what appears as a dangerous and secret tunnel in Iran. Later, the site ends in explosions and destruction of the tunnel.

The archaeologist, and protagonist of the film, Scarlett (Perdita Weeks), documents her journey in trying to find the object her late father was obsessed with; the Philosopher’s Stone, which is believed to give eternal life.

With the help of a documentary filmmaker Benji (Edwin Hodge) and her ex-boyfriend, George, (Ben Feldman), who can translate inscriptions in Aramaic, one of the dead languages she does not know, the crew embark on a dark path under catacombs.

As Weeks and Feldman’s characters walk the streets of Paris, they seek the help of an urban explorer, Pappillon( Francois Civil) and his friends, Souxie (Ali Marhyar) and Zed(Marion Lambert), and together they search the French catacombs for the stone that leads them to what they believe may or may not be a gateway to hell.

Also, while they are thousands of feet underground, strange events occur, and the characters find themselves being haunted by their terrible and secret pasts.

Throughout the entire film, the protagonist’s stubborn and obsessive self drives the entire group into danger, causing them to literally face hell itself.

Though it was obvious the director tried to make the film into a documentary, the acting was noticeable; the crews bad decisions in the film are way too familiar and aggravating, something that bad actors show onscreen.

As any other typical horror film, the characters in the film make bad decisions, get lost, wind up dead or hurt, and the ending doesn’t really explain much to the audience.

I would definitely recommend this movie to go watch if there isn’t any good ones showing, or wait until it plays on the $2 theatre or until it shows up on Netflix. Save your money folks, “As Above, So Below” isn’t anything out of the ordinary nor worth spending more than $10.

I rate this movie 6/10, it wasn’t exactly terrible, but it was a movie that is predictabe and has the same ending as any other hollywood film.