GIPS ready for local High School Tour


The GIPS concluded its auditions and is ready to start the tour at Mayfair High School Friday, Oct. 24. Photo credit: Gildardo Aquino

Gildardo Aquino, Staff Writer

G.I.P.S. is ready to tour around local high schools starting on Friday, Oct. 24.

Generic Improvisational Peep Show – also known as the G.I.P.S. – had its first auditions for the fall semester on Friday, Oct. 17, and is full of energy to showcase its talents.

The improvisational comedy troop have been touring local high schools for about 30 years and goes to a different high schools every Friday morning.

In the auditions, each student had a chance to be part of a few improv games. For example, the freeze game and the guessing game. The group encourages students to get out of their shell and bring their character to life.

Theatre major Jocelyn Phillips returned for another semester to join the group again.

“It’s a good experience, and we work together and we feed off each other and pick up each other.”

She also explained how it is important to get out of your comfort zone.

“Be confident and get out of your little bubble and just go for whatever you want to do.”

Among the returning students to the group were also new students that auditioned, as well.

Dakota Freeman, theatre major, comes from Lynwood High School and was so impressed with the G.I.P.S. when it went to his high school that he had to join.

“(The group) used to go to my high school; when I saw (it) I found (it) so funny and I really looked up to (G.I.P.S.),” Freeman said.

Freeman was a part of his improv team in high school, so he knew what to expect coming into the audition.

To be part of the G.I.P.S. you have to at least take the Theatre-108 class that’s offered every semester, and auditions for the cast only take place during the fall semester.

Theatre Arts Instructor Forrest Hartl describes what takes place on the tour.

“We go into a high school classroom without a script. We ask the students for a suggestion, such as a place to be or a celebrity or a relationship; husband and wife, and then we make up scenes on the spot,” he said.

The tour started Friday, Oct. 24, at Mayfair High School at 7 a.m.

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