Students perform to promote dance classes


Dance students performed a free show in front of classroom FA-52 to promote the dance classes on campus and to express their passion for choreography. Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry

Sebastian Echeverry

Students of the dance class held in Fine Arts 52 was given the opportunity to cat-daddy, modern dance and tap dance there skills infront of the student body in a free show on Tuesday.

Dance major Solarith Danny Van preformed contemporary and modern dance in the free show.

“I just became a dance major recently, my professor and I talked about it,” Van said.

According to Van a faculty show was held in the campus theatre where students aided in the dance the faculty choreographed themselves.

Tuesday’s show gave those who did not fully preform in the faculty show to choreograph their own performance and pick their own costumes for the show.

“I love that outlet,” Van said. “You get to go out there and just do your thing.”

According to Van performers who danced in the show had the opportunity to receive extra credit for their efforts and would perform the same show again for those enrolled in the respective dance class.

Music/ dance major Emani Acosta-Tautolo has done the free student show for two semesters.

“It happens around this time,” Acosta-Tautolo said.

Not only is it a form of way for students to express their passion, it is also a way to promote the classes according to Acosta-Tautolo.

“It’s a way for students to express themselves, students can come and see this show and see a different perspective on what they thinkdance is,” Acosta-Tautolo said.

According to Acosta-Tautolo this event happens every semester around this time of the semester.