Lana del Rey announces album and witchcraft

Benjamin Garcia

Some suspected it in the music video Born To Die — where she sits on a throne, dressed like Baphomet — has sex on an altar (a car) — and chants verses resembling Freemason initiation rituals.

She hinted to it in the song, The Blackest Day:

“You should’ve known better/ Than to have to let her/ Get you under her spell of the weather./ I got you where I want you./ You’re deader than ever –/ And falling for forever./ I’m playing head games with you,/ Got you where I want you.”


She hinted more aggressively with this tweet, suggesting that her fans curse Donald Trump:





But Lana Del Rey has finally announced outright that she is a friendly witch with the trailer of her new album, Lust For Life.

In the trailer she states that because she is making her record in such a tumultuous period in history (referring to The United State’s political environment), she needs space to consider what her contribution should be “in these dark times.”

In the trailer, the Summertime Sadness singer dons an elegant and simple, all black ensemble — and uses telekinetic powers to levitate phones, chalices and hourglasses and creates small holographic spheres resembling planets; going on to say that having a pure heart and good intentions (referring to the spell she put on Donald Trump) is the worthiest gift an artist can offer.

Because Donald Trump cheated comrade Bernie Sanders out of the presidency (and thus students out of free education), we ought to take Del Rey’s lead a put curses on politicians such as our current commander in chief, Paul Ran and Cory Booker (who have recently both tried to screw over poor people with a right wing healthcare and the initial refusal of the American public cost-effective medication).

In addition to this, and in support of the oppositional forces that fight against the rapidly growing fascist sects in the U.S., it is imperative that college students every where purchase Lana Del Rey’s next album Lust For Life — which features the absolutely celestial song Love, paired with a music video of hipsters in space!

Put down your tarot cards, finish your hexes; grab your broom sticks and fly on over to Target and purchase (don’t steal) Lust For Life!