Fox’s Rent not so ‘live’ is spectacularly delightful


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Rent live premiered on Jan. 27, 2019. The original cast made a special appearance at the end of the show.

Eunice Barron, Co-Online editor

Fox’s live adaptation production of the 1996 Tony Award-winning broadway musical, Rent premiered Jan. 27, which promised to deliver a spectacular nostalgic performance in which it did despite of not being “Live” as it was expected.

“Rent: Live” made it’s theatrical debut on the small screen as a television adaptation of the classic broadway musical in which was spectacularly delightful with it’s well-done production and performers.

“Rent: Live” is the latest adaptation for television of the musical, Rent, which tells the story of an impoverished young group of people struggling to survive in the New York City’s neighborhood of East Village in Lower Manhattan during the HIV/AIDS epidemic during the early nineties.

The television special brought an emotionally nostalgic show to the audience with classic songs such as “Seasons of Love,” “Light My Candle” and “No Day But Today” that were written by the musical’s creator, Jonathon Larson.

The execution of the production was extremely well done and respectably reminded the audience about the musical’s main themes of the importance of HIV/Aids and LGBTQ tolerance awareness.

These topics are still relevant in today in 2019, which has progressively come a long way since its original broadway release from back in the nineties.

These themes highlighted the importance of the many lives that were affected by this terrible disease and how society has increasingly accepted the LGBTQ community.

What made this television event so special, was the performer’s interaction and inclusivity with the audience.

The show featured a diverse cast in which brought excitement to today’s modern audience along by the guest appearances of some of the original cast members such as Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel and Jesse L. Martin.

The only issue about “Rent” was not so “Live” was it was expected to be since the entire show was pre-recorded expect for the final performance of “Seasons of Love.”

The pre-recorded performances did not deliver the television the classic theatrical experience in which was a major disappointment.

It was also a displeasure for Fox to not air Brennin Hunt’s final appearance on the show despite of going through an injury that took place before it’s original release.

If this television event is going to be “live” it should be an actual live production as possible in order for the audience to experience this musical classic.

The live aspect of “Rent” is what made this musical a classic by demonstrating it’s realism to the production

The three-hour television special starting prominent performers such as Jordan Fisher, Kiersey Clemons, Tinashe, Brennin Hunt and drag performer, Valentina, played by James Andrew Leyva.

Also among the cast where well-known performers such as Vanessa Hudgens, Keala Seattle, Mario and Brandon Victor Dixon.

Despite of not being an actual live production, “Rent: Live” brought an emotionally nostalgic show in which highlighted important relevant themes and brought joy to the audience with this broadway classic.