MTV recruits students for show

Daisy Garcia

It seems that that small screen came looking around Cerritos College the past week May 5 to May 7.

According to Renee Bloch, performing arts promoter, a recruiter for MTV’s “Parental Control” came by Cerritos College to have students sign up and audition for the show.
The show is about parents who are unhappy with their child’s current boyfriend or girlfriend.
So the parents decide to interview perspective suitors who can go on date with their son or daughter.
“Like almost all reality TV shows, it’s fake. They are just looking for young actors,” Bloch retorted.
“It gives certain people the opportunity and publicity for acting,” says Destinie Mane Zepeda, liberal arts major.
Bloch further explained that during the auditions, a couple will be put together to see if they have chemistry.
The “couple” that gets picked will be paid $250.
It does not matter if it’s a heterosexual or a homosexual couple.
Later, the main character will be asked to bring his or her parents to the show.
Everyone is given a script and it takes about three days to shoot.
Nevertheless, students at school did not care too much to be in the show.
“They didn’t really do anything. You would expect MTV to be a little more flashy,” commented Jose Gonzalez, English major.
Bloch also clarified that Theater Department has nothing to do with the casting agent.
Cerritos in no way sponsored or asked MTV to come to campus.