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Logic’s sophomore album is out of this world

“I am the greatest” are the words used to describe Logic’s new album “The Incredible True Story.”

Logic’s sophomore album delivers some of his best work in a sci-fi anime inspired concept that takes the listener on a journey to find a new planet called Paradise.

Logic delivers a fire burst of lyrics throughout each track talking about himself, his current state in hip-hop and the world around him.

A good example of this is the track “I Am The Greatest, ” where he mentions that rap artist today talk about money and getting girls while he himself doesn’t have to talk about that because he has a core fan base that will support him without him trying to make a radio single.

But then he comes back to say that he can rap on a crazy trap inspired beat, but can also keep it lyrical like Eminem.

The sound of this album is varied and keeps the listener interested.

There are songs on this album that are upbeat and that you can jump up and go crazy, but then there are songs like “City of Stars” where it’s slowed down with an 80s inspired beat where Logic sings for most of the song and at the end delivers one of the craziest verses in the whole album.

Then there are songs like “The Incredible True Story” where it sounds big like an orchestra and a chorus is behind Logic.

Logic does a great job in this album balancing his singing with rapid fast lyrics being spewed out into the listener’s ear.

Tracks that stand out the most on this album are: “I Am The Greatest,” “Stainless,” “Like Woah,” “Young Jesus,” “Upgrade” and “City of Stars.”

But what makes this album incredible is the story that is being told over the music.

The story takes place in the year 2115, where Earth has been left a wasteland and is no longer habitable. Logic takes his listener on a journey with two men piloting a spaceship to get to “what people say” is a habitable planet called Paradise.

On the journey, the listener gets to hear the two pilots called Quentin Thomas and William Kai, interact with each other and talk about how their world is in that time period.

There is humor and interesting conversations between the two, which leads to an unexpected twist.

Overall, Logic delivered another great album that sounds different from his first album and anything that is out there within hip-hop. He has a great variety of songs, a sci-fi story that has never been told within music and creativity that makes this album fresh and standout from the crowd of hip hop that is oversaturated with trap music and club bangers.

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Grester Celis-Acosta
Grester Celis-Acosta, Managing Editor
I am Grester Celis-Acosta, I will the Managing Editor for Fall 2015. This will also be my third and final semester at Talon Marks and Cerrtios College. A little bit about me is that I love video games and music preferably hip hop. When I’m not busy with school I either play some video games or I just listen to music and relax. Twitter: @GresterC
Instagram: @gresterc23
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Logic’s sophomore album is out of this world