Thrills and chills present at Snowy Day


Bianca Salgado

Four-year-old, Lucas (left) high-fives Franco Falcon (right) prior to sliding down the mountain of snow together. Hula hoop dancing and building snowmen (edible or not) were other activities offered during the sixth annual Snowy Day on Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Child Development Center. Photo credit: Bianca Salgado

Bianca Salgado, Opinion Editor

Robert Adams, father of 2-year-old Aiden and 4-year-old Jacob Adams, remarks, “This is awesome! I don’t think I’ve seen another pre-school doing an event like this.”

Last Thursday, Jan. 28 from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. was the sixth annual Snowy Day at the Child Development Center.

While southern California doesn’t offer much snow that did not stop young ones the opportunity to slide down two different sized mountains of snow and experience the thrill, plus participate in social activities such as hula hoop dancing and building snowmen whether edible or not.

Marlen Murray, associate teacher at the Child Development Center, stated the reason for an addition of a mountain of snow, “This is the first year that we have a small and a big slide. The smaller slide is not as steep because we have a lot more 2-year-olds this year, so we decided to get a smaller slide so they can also enjoy it on a safer scale.”

Maria Linda Garcia, mother of four-year-old, Isabella Marie Sanchez, expressed it was their first time together participating in Snowy Day.

“It has been a really good experience. There is a lot of interaction between the parents and teachers. The center is a really good program. From the sledding and other activities like these makes her [Isabella] increase in social skills so she is more outgoing and participating a lot,” she said.

Murray explains the curiosity the children had at the center prior the event, “Leading up to this we have been talking about snow and how it might feel, how it might look, or what might happen. Some of the children have come three years in a row, but we also have children who its their first year here and they were so excited.

“Some children said, ‘I think they put flour in the snow and that’s why it is white.’ They don’t realize it is going to be wet too. They just know it is going to be cold. I think a lot of them have not had too much experience with snow and so for those children it is really exciting to experience something that they might not get to on their own,” she said.

From parents, the teachers at the center, faculty and students from the Child Development department volunteer their time in this event.

Murray expresses, All of the practicum students in the Child Development department sign up to help us out. So anyone in a blue apron is a student who is actually learning to be a teacher.”

Maria Mora and Wendy Sanchez, child development majors, volunteered in Snowy Day and remark it was their first time experience too.

“In our Child Development 164 class practicum, we were told what it is was going to be, who was coming, and if you wanted to volunteer for hours you can and that it will be fun with kids. Just seeing them have fun,” said Mora.

Sanchez said, “I’m sure the kids love it. It definitely brings the teachers and parents together and to meet each other.”

Mora also added, “The fact that they have a day for everyone to join, have food, and play and have family come together is a great opportunity.”