A glance of rich Korean culture


Janel Oliver

Members of the Korean Women's Group preparing food for guests at the Taste of Korea event in the Student Center on Wednesday, March. 23. The event had performers and informational videos to showcase Korean culture. Photo credit: Janel Oliver

Janel Oliver, Staff Writer

High school kids and students on campus intermingled in the student center.

Attendees gathered to catch a glimpse of Korean Culture on Wednesday, March 23.

The event was hosted by ABC School District Clerk Soo Yoo, and Director of Student Program Services, Norma Rodriguez.

Yoo said, “I figured showing a film wouldn’t be enough. So I volunteered to get the Korean community together to put out performances.

“So we got different professional groups and different organizations donating,” she explained.

The celebration kicked off with an informative film.

The movie gave insight about Korean spirit and culture. It talked about the food, advances in health care and background on how rich the culture is.

Members of the Korean Community, ABC School Board members, and Cerritos College Board members were also in attendance.

Dance performers included Eun Jung Cho, Minjung Kim, Hyoung Lae Lee, Kyung Mi Lee, Eunah Choi, Cerritos Mukungwha Women’s Choir, Sunny Hills High school, Int’l Praise & Motion Mission College and Gahr High School.

Guests were served Korean food such as Bulgogi, Dwaeji Bulgoi, and Japchae.

The Korean Women’s Group wore traditional Korean Hanbok dresses.

Cerritos College Board of Trustees, President Shin Liu said, “I got an overwhelming support from the Korean community. They bought the food, helped bring in workers, and the performers.”

She added, “This college is very diverse. Students come from everywhere around the world and I wanted to appreciate other cultures. Also, our students should understand our culture and we should understand theirs.”

The event had several volunteers and donations which helped make the event a treat.

Volunteer, Justine Santos said, “I’m involved with the KPOP club here on campus. My club president said that there were a group of people organizing a Korean Event and they needed volunteers, so I volunteered.”

Santos like many others were in charge of preparing the stage for performers and helping with equipment.

She continued, “To me, this event helps me learn more about the Korean culture.”

Like Santos, guests left the event having experienced a part of Korean culture.