Movie screening illustrates the struggles of women

Janel Oliver, Staff Writer

Professor Michelle Fagundes, who teaches English and Women & Gender Studies, hosted a movie screening of North Country on Wednesday, March 23.

The movie was about single mother, Josey Aimes, played by Charlize Theron, who became part of an elite group of the first women miners in Minnesota.

After a stream of constant sexual harassment from the male miners, she filed a memorable sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.

Yadira Newton, Child Development major said, “It was a really good movie. It brought up a lot of issues that you really don’t think about and it made me reflect on how women still have a lot to continue fighting for.

“I’ve seen the movie before but it didn’t have the same effect on me as it did now. Women’s history is in the making everyday. We still have a long way to go. For example, women get paid less still and that’s a huge issue,” she added.

After the event, Professor Fagundes held a discussion about the movie and students chimed in on the film and women’s history.

Students talked about the issues that were brought up in the film and how they are still happening today.

Professor Fagundes said,“This is a movie I always show in my Women and Gender Studies class because it illustrates a lot of issues we discuss in class.

“In particular, we are entering a unit about violence against women and about work and this movie includes a lot of those themes,” she expressed.

Fagundes admitted, “Women’s History Month is about recognizing the accomplishments of women. In particular, because they aren’t being recognized through out the year.

“Women’s history is a space where we get to acknowledge the accomplishments of women and the important role that [they] play. Also, draw attention to issues that very rarely get attention.”