The ‘Swavey’ movement is upon us


Carlos Marquez

Tory lanez, Bryson Tiller, and Alessia Cara illustrated as breakout artist of the new year. The three artist have risen to fame quickly from their debut singles. Photo credit: Carlos Marquez

Terrel Emerson

People always say all publicity is good publicity right?

Breakout star Tory Lanez has hit the scene and rubbed some artists the wrong way.

Some including Toronto’s own famous hip-hop rapper Drake (Drizzy).

Criminal justice major Demetrius Thomas said, “I think Meek Mill got Drake kind of like that, but I’m not really sure. But I think he’s just out here [looking for a problem] to keep it real.”

In his song “Summer Sixteen, ” Drizzy states a line that says, “All you kids from the new Toronto want to be me a little.”

Some thought it was a jab toward Lanez, who is also from Toronto, Canada.

The assumption became reality as Lanez sported a “The New Toronto” shirt in his “LA Confidential” music video.

Also, the video came out the day before Drake released his track dissing him.

Lanez has gone on record saying that he has no problem with Drake.

Lanez traded Twitter words with Cash Money artist, Jacquees, after claiming to be a better artist than him.

Despite the many bold opinions on him, Lanez does not seem to be bothered as he continues to make music.

Lanez hit the scene in early 2015 with his single “Say It.”

His single played across popular radio stations like Power 105.9 and Real 92.3.

Although his song grew in popularity, and was his only single played, he has yet to release another fan favorite on the radio waves.

In comparison to fellow breakout artist, Bryson Tiller, who has had much success with his album release, Lanez is still lacking to work his way up higher within in the industry.

Before his rise to fame, Lanez had trouble with staying out of the courtroom. According to, he attributes being homeless at the age of 14 to the reason he endured four court cases.

Despite his turmoil, he has been a frequent fan favorite among this generation of college students.

Psychology major Chyann Richard said, “Everybody tries to be different. I feel like his style is completely different and its inspirational.”

Lanez doesn’t feel like his music can be compared to anybody else’s. He calls his style of music “swavey.”

In his words he is an artist that fuses, rap, singing and even rock, he wants to be known as multi-talented.

Despite making the biggest splash of his career recently, Lanez has been hard at work for some time now.

He has released 15 mixtapes since 2009.

Music is not the only thing Lanez has his fingerprints on, as he owns multiple clothing stores in his hometown of Toronto.

Richard said, “Knowing that, now it just makes him look like a much better person. Even in his altercation with Drake, it wasn’t even an altercation because he said he didn’t have a problem with Drake. He just has respect for himself and other people as he is trying to come up, it’s inspirational.”

With so much going for him at the young age of 23, Lanez seems to be looking toward the future and it seems bright. Lanez appears to be on the rise as the next big artist.