“Civil War” advances the Avenger saga

Kristopher Carrasco

Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in "Captain America: Civil War." (Photo courtesy Marvel Studios/TNS)
Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in “Captain America: Civil War.” (Photo courtesy Marvel Studios/TNS)

The next movie in from the wonderful world of Marvel has finally arrived as Captain American and Iron Man duke it out in Captain America’s Civil War.

Considering Civil War is the next addition to the continuing story of our beloved Avengers and the infinity stones, every Marvel movie fan needs to see this movie.

This movie is long and sometimes a bit lack luster, but the pay off is well worth it because it not only introduces new characters like Spider Man and The Black Panther, but it maps out the future of the Avengers.

Just like Batman V. Superman, this super hero film was longer than most, but Civil War does a much better job at keeping the viewers entertained and informed on the deeper truths behind the Avengers.

There is constant foreshadowing of the developing plot, and the comic relief is kept to a minimum and used in spots that balances out the long dialogue.

Usually the comic relief in these movies can be really obnoxious, but Civil War does a great way to get you to chuckle every now and then.

Spider Man by far steals the show. Tom Holland is a natural Peter Parker and does a wondrous job at capturing the care free, friendly humor that Spider Man has during the heat of battle.

After the team gets torn apart by emotions and politics, there’s a huge super hero brawl that will really make you feel like a kid again.

It was like watching a live version of Marvel vs Capcom, minus the Capcom characters.

The Black Panther plays a significant role in the movie in a way that also showcases how powerful he really is.

He easily goes toe to toe with Captain America and the Winter Soldier in one of the coolest action/chase scenes ever.

This movie really does a good job at hyping up the future Marvel films, while following up on the current status of the Avengers.

Lastly, still till the very end of the film. There’s two ending credit scenes that will leave you smiling like a kid on Christmas.