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Neighbor speaks out on Hawaiian Gardens Pool incident

A resident from Hawaiian Gardens voices their concerns of the recent incident in Lee Ware Pool Aquatic Center.


Staff Writer Melissa Clemente: We are here with one of the neighbors of Hawaiian Gardens, can you tell us your name?

Larios: Fidelina Larios

Clemente: There was an Incident that occurred here in the Lee Ware Pool and Mrs. Larios you were commenting you were worried, what is it that’s worrying you?

Larios: My self and other neighbors are worried for another accident to occur such as the one of the little boy that was drowning because they have personal staff that’s not adequate. They have girls that don’t have sufficient experience and their practicing.

Clemente: Are the girls practicing lifeguards?

Larios: Yes

Clemente: During that day of the child drowning did they have a practicing lifeguard who was the one who saved the child?

Larios: Yes

Clemente: Was the practicing lifeguard drowning along with the child or was she the one who saved the child?

Larios: It was her who saved the child along with another female.

Clemente: What’s your perspective on the reopening of Lee Ware Pool?

Larios: I think right now it’s a lot better because there is a lot more lifeguard personnel to watch over all the children.

Clemente: Are they still practicing lifeguards or not anymore?

Larios: No not anymore.

Clemente: Thank you for allowing this interview with Talon Marks Newspaper.


Spanish translation:

Reportando Melissa Clemente: Estamos aquí con una de las vecinas de Hawaiian Gardens, ¿puede describirnos su nombre?

Larios: Fidelina Larios

C­lemente: Hubo un incidente que ocurrió aquí en la piscina Lee Ware pool y la señora Larios comentaba que estaba preocupada, ¿qué es lo que le preocupa?

Larios: Yo y otros vecinos estamos preocupados de que ocurra otro accidente como el del niño que se estaba ahogando, porque tienen empleados que no son adecuados.

Larios: Tienen chicas que no tienen suficiente experiencia y son practicantes.

Clemente: ¿Las chicas son socorristas practicantes?


Clemente: Durante ese día que el niño se estaba ahogando, ¿tenían a una salvavidas practicante que fue quien salvó al niño?


Clemente: ¿La salvavida practicante se estaba ahogando junto con el niño o fue ella quien salvó al niño?


Larios: Fue ella quien salvó al niño junto con otra persona.

Clemente: ¿Cuál es su perspectiva sobre la reapertura de Lee Ware pool?

Larios: Creo que en este momento es mucho mejor porque hay mucho más personal de salvavidas para vigilar a todos los niños.

Clemente: ¿Siguen siendo salvavidas practicantes o ya no?

Larios: Ya no.

Clemente: Gracias por permitir esta entrevista con el periódico Talon Marks.


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Melissa Clemente
Melissa Clemente is a co-sports & photo editor for Talon Marks who you may see juggling around campus after coming from working front line in FHCCGLA community clinic. To cover a variety of local news and sports stories.
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  • J

    JeanieQSep 6, 2023 at 11:45 am

    Probably these girls attended the Summer training in Huntington Beach. 15 or so years ago, my daughter wanted to attend this class, so I looked into it. They train in the ocean and should be qualified, but maybe they were under staffed?