Let’s Chismear Episode 2: Kink Shaming


Diana Morales

Sophia and Diana share their opinions on kinks.

Sophia Castillo and Diana Morales

Sophia: I think it’s recording now


Diana: Hi I’m Diana

Sophia: Hi I’m Sophia

Diana: This is the lets chismear podcast today, do you want to tell them today’s topic

Sophia: Yeah we’re going to be talking about kink shaming we’re going to be shaming kinks


Diana: We are proud kink shamers I’m sorry but don’t cancel us but there are just some kinks that are just too extreme for me

Sophia: Yeah they are just weird.

Diana: I think we should start little by little and then get to the extreme ones

Both: Toes


Sophia: ew no no no no

Diana: toe fetish

Sophia: I hate toe fetishes, has a guy ever asked you for toe pics, ew like no blocked


Diana: Um I’ve gotten that question

Sophia: And you sent them ?!

Diana: NO I don’t send them pictures of my toes if it’s for money maybe

But no , would you let a guy suck your toes

Sophia: no

Diana: would you suck a guys toes

Sophia: no what the fuck

Diana: what if it’s the love of your life

Sophia: no

Diana: Harry styles

Sophia: well


Diana: if you put it that way

Sophia: if it’s harry, But I Just don’t see how someone could be attracted to toes

Diana: that’s so interesting huh

Sophia: toes are funny they’re not sexy like what


Diana: you said toes are funny

Sophia: ugh there’s so many there’s idk the name but peeing

Diana: why am I blanking on kinks right now, oh a piss kink it’s literally a piss kink

Sophia: that’s gross how do you want someone to pee on you

Diana: and they like that it’s warm

Sophia: like in the you have you watched the episode?

Diana: no

Sophia: okay I don’t want to spoil it for you

Diana: it’s okay spoil it for the audience

Sophia: there is this part where this guy likes being pissed on and he enjoys it

Diana: did he have an explanation on why he enjoys it or he just likes being pissed on

Sophia: no, that’s so nasty

Diana: thoughts on exhibitionist people who like being watched

Sophia: exhibitionist hmm, I mean fuck I don’t know why would you just want to watch that, like I’ve heard of men like seeing their wives with other it just makes no sense to me

Diana: Because there is also degrading kinks, you know what that is, you like being degraded


Diana: no comment


Sophia: no wait like how

Diana: From what I’m thinking of degrading you know in euphoria how kat is talking shit to the men for money that’s a kink for them that turns them on

Sophia: ohhhh that’s funny though

Diana: that is funny I would want to do that but there’s also like girls like being called sluts in bed or like whore that’s technically a degrading kink

Sophia: well I wouldn’t know


Sophia: um choking that’s one of the top ones

Diana: oh also um, it’s cuz I don’t know the meaning my phone is taking forever

Sophia: I know there’s peeping tom, people who like watching secretly or like through windows people who put cameras in public restrooms

Diana: that’s so scary

Sophia: you know where that is super famous

Diana: air bnbs

Sophia: at where?

Diana: air bnbs


Sophia: I was going to say Japan, like I mean twitter is scary and I happened to come across it I was like ew somebody is just using the restrooms and they have no idea that there is a camera under the toilet like in the toilet, yeah it’s gross

Diana: oh really that’s scary

Diana: There is also age play , thoughts on age play

Sophia: I think age play omg wait why can’t i think of the word

Diana: It giving pedophilia

Sophia: yeah yeah yeah yeah

Diana: So like is that where they dress in like the diapers

Sophia: I think so, like Lolita vibes


Diana: Melanie Martinez

Sophia: Melanie Martinez dude deadass

Diana: Actually yes cuz I’ve seen on tik tok like they’ll have the whole set up like the whole room is literally a nursery like there’s a crib there’s diapers like adult diapers, onesies, pacifiers, Melanie Martinez I’m glad she, lets not


Diana: The conversation we’re having

Sophia: You heard she’s coming back

Diana: yeah that’s what I was gonna say good thing she’s changing her image, omg yeah so, it says that being called like mommy or daddy

Sophia: Yeah like daddy, daddy kink mommy kink

Diana: Have you ever said daddy


Sophia: No

Diana: I feel like I’d be uncomfortable

Sophia: No or I’d think of my dad and that’s not

Diana: You be called mommy has anyone called you mommy

Sophia: Not like in that way


Sophia: You know like when guys message you on Instagram like oh mommy

Diana: Ew yes


Sophia: like ew no no no

Diana: They’re ew bye, literally like you just said you’d think of your parents

Sophia: Or I also use it like as a joke if I’m commenting on my friends posts like oh you’re so mommy but not like

Diana: You’re like I don’t mean it


Diana: There’s also fisting

Sophia: Ewwww that is so gross, how, how! Dude It’s all the way in there that’s gross

Diana: Okay but so allegedly you get your kinks from your parents


Sophia: How are we just going to go from fisting to your parents

Diana: It’s cuz it randomly stopped, okay I’m sorry so back to fisting I don’t know how they shove it in there, Do gay guys like fisting?

Sophia: yeah no?

Sophia: I’m pretty sure

Diana: I think so, ugh that’s just so painful how does it expand that much like I know it expands

Sophia: Like you saw that it comes out sometimes like the inside of your butthole comes out

Diana: You know what I do know this because a friends showed me a video in high school, and he did me so dirty he was like look watch this cool video and there I am like a dumbass

Sophia: was it on twitter

Diana: yeah

Sophia: ugh fucking twitter man

Diana: you know what twitter is the new tumblr, but yeah he showed me and I was like why am I seeing someone’s butthole, I was scared too because I didn’t know that could happen that just seems really painful

Sophia: that’s just gross


Diana: Too anyone watching sorry if you’re into any of this, we’re just vanilla I guess

Sophia: It’s just our opinion!

Diana: It’s my opinion the housewife who said that what a queen, um those are like the only kinks I could think of but yes allegedly I heard the internet because you know the internet is always right


Diana: that you get your kinks from your parents

Sophia: Allegedly you allegedly get your kinks from your parents it’s what’s the word hereditary

Diana: yeah but how would they even know that

Sophia: yeah I don’t know shit I hope not

Diana: that’s weird to think of like I don’t want to think about it too much cuz ew

Sophia: Wait how should we end it

Diana: Um enough kink shaming for today, on our golden shower podcast


Sophia: Don’t search up what golden shower is or go search it up

Diana: Do whatever you please

*laughter *

Diana: If you don’t know what any of these kinks are search them up with warning be cautious don’t do it in public


Diana: We’re hoping we didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, I hope we’re still besties

Sophia: We’re sorry we’ll do an apology video

Diana: Our real Youtube era


Diana: Thank You guys for listening to our podcast


Diana: This is Diana

Sophia: This is Sophia, to listen to more podcast


Sophia: To listen to more podcast episodes make sure to Talon marks on Instagram, twitter and tiktok and Spotify. Okay bye!