Laying down the foundation

Laying down the foundation

Charles Purnell

The key to success is time management, isn’t it?

Not only does the sun and moon rise and sink on a schedule but we on earth oblige appointments or we miss out.

Now, four weeks behind schedule, Gate West Construction Incorporated worked steadily with ATO Construction Company on Tuesday, pouring cement for the forthcoming Senior Center on the west end of Cerritos College’s strawberry patch.

According to Gate West’s Superintendent Hekmat Aboujamara, , 48, they’re behind schedule because they had to obtain a permit for ATO Construction, a construction company contracted by Gate West, to begin pouring concrete, and the permits took longer than envisioned.

“We are behind a little bit partly because of the permit and some issues with the county and fire department, but we solved the problems and we will catch up later on,” said Aboujamara.

Cement was applied to the footing of the architectural design by GWCI on Sept. 17 and the two labor forces began applying.