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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Former child starsmakes a comeback

Former child starsmakes a comeback
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David Spade has made a creative and comedic career for himself. From roles in “Black Sheep” to “Joe Dirt” he has created a name for himself in show business. Starting from Saturday Night Live and transforming to the big screen his has left his audience with a comedic performance creating lucrative parts to make himself a household name.

A self-developing comedy; where childhood stars are seen as the unremembered civilians of society. There many famous child stars in the movie, which include; Corey Feldman (Stand by Me), Dustin Diamond (Screech from saved by the bell), Gary Coleman, etc.

His mom abandons him and leaves poor Dickie in search of affection. He strives to cast out of her shadows and into the light where he sees more than just the part. He sees himself as a direct correction of what she will never become.

A 35 year old valet parker in search of his stardom, Dickie enters the realm of casting for part a movie directed by Rob Reiner (playing himself). Who explains that the role is casted for an actor that has the understanding of what a normal childhood is reminiscent of.

In desperate search for stardom again, Dickie Roberts hires a family to help reenact his childhood that he had not experienced first hand. He searches and disovers a family who will create an environment for the display of his new character. He struggles to become what he is not and learns that life is an experience that has been created for a purpose.

He has to situate an understanding of the ‘typical breakfast’ with the family at the dinner table, how to ride a bike, and how to develop a reaction as if he walked down on Christmas morning during his “childhood”. Just like a reality TV show playing on Nick at Nite.

The Finneys (family that is hired) display discomfort with the washed out actor but then turn to understand that he is trying to make a comeback with more than just the glamour–the pride that he needs to succeed.

David Spade’s performance is memorable. A great creation of chastised jokes turned into comebacks for laughable reactions.

In the movie Joe Dirt, Joe is in search of his parents to find himself. He searches to find his past in determining his future. In a sense, Dickie Roberts correlates with Joe Dirt for the reason that he is in search of his childhood, which symbolizes, his past in which he would like relive. He leaves his life to create another; a broke down actor struggling to receive a part for a script. In search he finds the glamour can’t pay for the price of being accepted.

The interaction with former child hood stars displays the commodore within the system of show business. No matter who you were you become you because of them. It gave great meaning to the movie involving the stars that filled our laughs, our cries, and our memories of childhood life and brought it back to the audience.

A remembrance of what is feels like to be a kid; the struggles, the joy, and the marking of life. Sitting and enjoying what life can bring and even if it is 15 minutes of fame its worth what it was to live it. I give it an A.

Dickie Roberts was a child hood star and left himself to become a man.This movie was nucken futs.

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Former child starsmakes a comeback