Once Upon a Time in Mexico

“Once Upon A Time In Mexico” opened this past Friday that starred Antonio Banderas as El Marachi, a hero out for revenge. Also returning to this movie is Salma Hayek as Carolina, his lost love. New to this movie is Johnny Depp as the corrupt CIA agent.

For those of you who do not know this movie is third in a series of films done by Director Robert Rodriguez. The first is El Mariachi the tale of a hero who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The second of these films is Desperado.

In “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” , El Mariachi is out for revenge for the killing of his girl friend. This time we see the same hero doing what he does best blowing things up and saving the day yet again. If you are not a fan of the series, then maybe you should see “Dickie Roberts” but you will be missing on some great action. This has the same formula as the last two films, which is the guitar gun combo and great explosions.

I enjoyed the film because there was never a dull moment as you went from one action sequence to another. The movie was fast paced as you jumped form one scene to another.

I would most definitely see this film again and for those that have not yet to seen this movie, I would suggest that you see it, which is now playing all across America.