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Rodriguez leaves Tarantino in dog house

Rodriguez leaves Tarantino in dog house
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In the ’50s to ’70s, people would go to the grindhouse and see a double feature of exploitation films.

Two great directors, Robert Rodriguez (“Once Upon a Time in Mexico”) and Quentin Tarantino (“Kill Bill”), have decided to recreate that experience with their double feature, “Grindhouse.”

In 1995, these directors joined with directors Allison Anders and Alexandre Rockwell to make the comedy, “Four Rooms.” In “Grindhouse,” audiences are getting a similar treat of directors, just cutting out the fat.

“Planet Terror” by Rodriguez is the better of the two films. It’s a fun action and horror about a gas that has spread over a city, turning people into more or less zombies. Like in “28 Days Later” and Romero’s “Dead” films, the story becomes less of man versus zombie and turns into man versus man.

Rodriguez’s film provides the highlight of the entire double feature, Rose McGowan with a machine gun for a leg. As soon as the character, El Wray, attaches the gun to her stump, cheesy and great action ensues.

Tarantino’s film, “Death Proof” should not have followed “Planet Terror” because for the most part, it didn’t meet the high expectations that “Planet Terror” had created.

“Death Proof” wasn’t awful, but it suffered Tarantino’s writing style. In his other movies like “Pulp Fiction,” where it fits for two characters to talk about foot massages, pointless conversations like that don’t fit here.

Once the film gets past the pointless chatter of the characters, “Death Proof” picks up. A concept that would sound bland, Kurt Russell stalking young women to kill them with his car, actually plays out well. It becomes a very suspenseful film and may scare you from driving home afterward.

The only reason it seems that “Death Proof” would follow “Planet Terror” is that Tarantino is a bigger name than Rodriguez.

To fully re-create the grindhouse experience, the audience isn’t only treated to a great double feature for the price of one, but a few fake trailers from some of today’s rising directors.

The show begins with a hilarious and cool trailer directed by Rodriguez starring Danny Trejo, who has before done just supporting roles for Rodriguez, called “Machete.” His character, Machete, is a badass Mexican who is out for revenge. It’s an incredibly hokey action film that leaves any fan of the genre with his side splitting.

The rest of the trailers came in between the films as something of an intermission. However, those who enjoyed “Planet Terror” and “Machete” won’t want to miss these.

“Werewolf Women of the S.S.,” directed by Rob Zombie (“The Devil’s Rejects”), is hilarious as well. And no one can forget the surprise cameo in the trailer.

Eli Roth’s (“Hostel”) trailer, “Thanksgiving,” is both funny and disturbing. The concept is funny but some of the scenes are actually cringe-worthy and disgusting to think about. It was well-balanced between cheesiness and fright.

Edgar Wright’s (“Shaun of the Dead”) trailer, “Don’t,” is hilarious due to the style of the trailer and not so much the content of it. Of all the trailers, this is probably the only one where the movie wouldn’t be fun to watch.

“Grindhouse” is definitely worth the price of admission. It brings people back to a time before most of the target audience was even born. They are provided with two quality horror flicks for the price of one.

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Rodriguez leaves Tarantino in dog house