New ASCC administration must learn from previous mistakes

Michael Barrita (l) and Shola Shodiya (r) are the new ASCC president and vice president.

Student Activities

Michael Barrita (l) and Shola Shodiya (r) are the new ASCC president and vice president.

First and foremost, congratulations to the new ASCC President elect Michael Barrita and Vice President elect Shola Shodiya.

Now that they have been elected, it is up to the student body to make sure that the administration does the things that it said it would do.

It is also up to the administration to take the time to listen and not be afraid of outside suggestions.

The plans on their platform are:

  • a book exchange program which is planned to be implemented during the summer session,
  • Increasing the amount of scholarships for students,
  • fighting to stop the Master Plan’s relocation of the Ampitheater, a.k.a. “The Hill”

This platform is a good one; it’s much more feasible and less overly idealistic than that of the previous administration.

For the sake of the student body, one hopes that the duo has learned and will continue to learn from the previous administration’s past mistakes.

The duo should take on each plan one at a time instead of making huge promises and trying to do them all at once.

Hopefully, the incoming administration has looked to see if there are any possible obstacles, or “powers that be,” that may possibly stop the programs from progressing.

Also, past administrations have made plans to do a campus recycling program, but they have always fallen through one way or another.

Maybe this administration can be the one that gets it implemented.

When it comes down to it, this could be the most important thing that can be accomplished because it can help with one of the problems we face a society.

The administration should also continue its plan to keep working on the book exchange program to make sure that it evolves to its full potential.

Though it might take the most work to get done and its success is still up-in-the-air, in the end it will be a great thing for the student body of Cerritos College.

Barrita and Shodiya’s ultimate responsibility is to all of the students, even the ones outside of the ASCC and those who didn’t vote for them.

If they keep these things in mind when trying to implement new policies, they will do just fine.

We, along with the rest of the student body, will be waiting to see how this administration turns out.