Tingley juggles school, two jobs, theatrical production at Cerritos

Wendy Solorio

For students having trouble managing their time while attending school, Tyler Tingley proves that it is possible to do many things at once, regardless of what your class schedule may be like.

Tingley has been a student at Cerritos College since the spring of 2006. During his time here, he has helped produce, as well as star in many theatrical productions put on by the Theatre Arts Department.

At one point Tingley attended school, worked part time at a Ralph’s supermarket as a cashier and bag boy, and also worked part time for Disney in Anaheim.

Tingley said that it was all about prioritizing.

“I always made sure I put school first,” Tingley explained, “Once my school schedule would be set, then I’d make sure I’d have time for my theatre work. Then, I would set up my schedule for Disney and Ralphs. I was lucky to have jobs that were willing to work around my school schedule.”

Although Tyler loves to perform, his true passion lies in theatrical production, and the work that goes on behind the scenes of plays.

“For me, acting is more of a hobby,” he said, “My goal is to have a career in what goes on behind the scenes of stage productions.”

Last fall he played the role of Abraham Slender in Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives” for which he received a Burnie Award, an award given by the Cerritos College Theatre Arts Department, for Best Male Actor in a Featured Role. He also won other Burnies, including Best Stage Manager, and Most Valuable Theatre Student. This award is given to students who excel both on, and off the stage for the Theatre Department.

This spring, Tingley will be the stage manager Cerritos College’s upcoming production “Working”. He plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach or Fullerton next spring and in the future, he hopes to have a successful career in Technical Theatre Production.