M.Salas- fitness tip of the week/biceps

Miguel Salas

This week’s workout tip will be all about biceps. Who doesn’t want nice biceps to show off during the summer?

This workout routine is for gaining strength and mass in your biceps more than fat burning and getting definition.

Adjust the weights so that it is difficult to complete the last repetitions of the set.
 You may need to alternate between weights that feel light, medium and heavy.

You will be using dumbbells and a barbell. Get your warm-up run in and it is very important you stretch.

Do not rush the following workouts; they require heavier weight and smooth, controlled, movements. This ensures proper form and injury prevention. Stretch in between sets if necessary and hydrate, but do not rest more than 2 minutes between exercises.

Barbell bicep curl: Start by holding the bar shoulder width, your palms should be facing forward.  With your elbows at your sides, raise the bar until your forearms are vertical; keep your wrists aligned with your forearms for proper form and to prevent injury. Lower your arms back to starting position and repeat.

Many people will make the mistake of swinging back and forth when doing bicep exercises. Swaying back and forth, or jerking, while working your biceps minimizes the effectiveness of the workout and increases your chance of injuring your back. There will be some movement, but try to keep your back as straight as possible, slow and controlled is the key.

Use medium to heavy weight and do 5 sets of 10.

Incline seated dumbbell curl: Set the incline bench to 45 degrees and sit back. Hold the dumbbells straight down at your sides with your palms facing forward. Raise the dumbbell so your forearm is vertical and your palm is facing your shoulder. Lower your arm to starting position and repeat. You can do this workout alternating from left arm to right, or both at the same time.

Use heavy weights and do 3 sets of 8.

Preacher curls: Hold the bar shoulder width with your palms facing up, and place the back of your arms on the preacher bench. Raise the bar until your forearms are vertical and palms are facing you. Lower barbell back down until arms almost fully extended and repeat.  Use medium-heavy weight, 3 sets of 10.

Reverse barbell curl: This workout is the same as the regular preacher curls but you grip the barbells with your palms down. If your wrists hurt when doing this workout, change your grip by adjusting the space between your hands on the bar. Although your forearms are worked in every bicep exercise, this specific workout will work push them even further, perfect for the end of the routine. Use medium weight and do 3 sets of 12.

These workouts should be done in the order given. You might notice a nice looking swell in your biceps shortly after the workout, but don’t expect immediate results. Do this workout no more than twice a week to let your muscles repair themselves.