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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Oil refineries hidden in LA must be removed to alleviate health risks for residents

The expansion of oil refineries to produce natural gas and oil is impacting the environment by exposing people to health risks and an increase in pollution.

Oilrigs are usually meant for drilling offshore into the sea, or where they aren’t in the vicinity of residential neighborhoods and busy cities.

However, drilling is actually taking part right under the feet of Los Angeles citizens.

Twenty billion barrels of oil are being produced right under the streets of LA, and they shouldn’t be as long as people are living in the ground above.

This oil is running through pipes, which are hidden like an underground oil field under businesses, neighborhoods and schools.

Beverly hills, Signal Hill, Long Beach, Wilmington (with the largest oil refinery) and Hollywood are built upon functioning oil fields. Residents remain relatively unaware that the majority of their city is an oil field.

When you walk the tourist streets of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, you nonchalantly pass the buildings and modern architecture.

The displays of some of these buildings in Los Angeles are not what you think they are. For instance, when you go to Beverly Hills High School, there is an oilrig on their field decorated in with paintings of flowers to disguise the drilling.

The Beverly shopping center, in West Hollywood, has another oilrig that was discretely built in the back of the mall, where it is unnoticed by customers.

On Pico Blvd. in Hollywood, what some think is a hollow office building is actually housing 50 oilrigs within.

The alarming health effects people are put under from the oil operations are disturbing if you know them.

Drilling causes pollution in our air, and the lives of people are at risk every day as levels of toxic substances are increased in our atmosphere.

The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry found that many people could actually smell a low level of H25.

After long-term exposure, residents can start to experience fatigue, headaches, irritation and at high levels, it can even lead to death.

The reason these rigs are hidden is that major oil corporations try not to bring attention to their hidden agenda of oil production without the protest of people, so they can also keep these health threats hidden.

It’s a matter of profit for the oil industry, not about the environmental and health risks that oil manufactures are putting on people.

The distribution of oil is just a way to control the property that should belong to the people.

Growing numbers of oilrigs are changing their process to produce higher amounts of oil, and its only raising health risks in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles California is already the smoggiest city in the country. It’s also the third largest running oil field in the United States.

The dangers and risks of oilrigs are not only about the health factors, but also about mechanical problems that can go wrong.

After the eruption of the oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico, the eyes of people who weren’t aware of how dangerous it is to distribute oil were finally opened.

An occurrence like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a situation that should be looked into carefully. This event shows that oilrigs can have a huge impact on the environment.

If citizens of Los Angeles aren’t educated about how their oil gets processed, then health issues and risks will continue to rise.

Even though Los Angeles citizens are oblivious to hidden oilrigs and underground oil fields, it doesn’t mean that the land that industries use for their oil production is actually theirs.

The lands of oil fields belong to the citizens of Los Angeles, but they’re destroying the environment and families must endure the effects until they are removed.


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Oil refineries hidden in LA must be removed to alleviate health risks for residents