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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Internet Piracy

The impact of network neutrality has allowed people all over the world to interact with others over the internet. Internationally this has impacted end-users of the internet with ability to share and download as much information that is desired.

Advocates of net neutrality support this equality of internet traffic to be treated with the freedom to obtain as much media that the peer desires. Moreover, it literally gives the user to retrieve free content that is originally meant to be distributed by consumer rates.

Although network neutrality aspires the liberty to freely surf the web, it also allows peers over the internet to copy write, and commit piracy. This is creating the problem for the music, game and film industry with depleted consumer income for the marketable content.

Fundamentally, the internet is used to surf the web from sites at popular demand. Youtube, Myspace and Facebook all have brought the conduct of freely interconnecting with just about anyone from anywhere. But the line has to be drawn when internet crimes affect the economy’s entertainment businesses.

According to an article in the New York times, the sales of CDs had a downfall of 16 percent worldwide, which caused the industry revenue to drop with an estimate of $15.8 billion in 2009 and the year before $17.5 billion had another decline in purchasing rates.

The Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association reported that the game industry itself, has been affected by piracy from a resulting figure of $ 3.8 trillion worldwide loss.

Piracy and copy writing has cost the movie industry not only with the consumer rates of renting out movies, but also effected the movie theaters and substantial audience that go out to watch the new movies that are out.

Therefore, the appropriate need to regulate the actions of crimes from piracy is in the serious need to develop a strategy to protect the entertainment businesses that is meant for viewers and listeners.

The negative impact of piracy on the economy has affected the tax collections from the movie, game, and music industry that is profitable for the economy. Acts of piracy advances as technology grows, and only deconstructs the entertainment line of creating movies, making games, and for musicians to make music.

If musicians aren’t making profit in the industry from consumers, then it would be impossible for them to pay venues and arenas to perform for their fans.

The same goes for the actors and and film employees, if there is no profit going into the movie that has been a year long production, then the people who made that movie possible, won’t be able to continue within the film industry because of the acts of piracy.

Leaving the actions of piracy to the hands of the government only permits more of the wrong doing because there hasn’t been any control over pirates on the internet. What really needs to be improved is to protest about the cumulating percentages of piracy on the game, music, and film industry.

The great impact of piracy happens in almost everyone’s home computer. But the ripple effect will surely cost of the privilege to see our favorite musician play in town, or seeing an actor in a film because the production studio can’t afford to make another movie.

As a result, network neutrality has impacted the world with the consequences of negatively shadowing the fact that even though there is a liberal stance to share numerous amount of information, that same information is also aligned with millions of dollars that is meant to pay people, who make that information possible for peers to share.


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Internet Piracy