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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Halloween Judgement Calls on Women Costumes

Halloween is a time when being scared is fun and adventurous, an annual holiday were everyone gets to dress up in their costumes and pretend to be whatever or whomever they choose to impersonate.

In the time of Halloween, people in neighborhoods hand out candy to children who walk from house to house enjoying the holiday with their family and friends. Its an event that brings different types of people together, who amuse one another with haunted houses, scary masks and bloody costumes.

Although Halloween has its perks for the kids, its also just as much entertainment dressing up and celebrating the holiday for adults. Halloween has no age limit to enjoy oneself, people can celebrate the way they want to and dress up however they prefer, as long its in the interest of having a good time.

Adults can feel the excitement when it comes to playing a part in the holiday, it can give spontaneous actions towards individuals with the obligation if they want to dress revealing depending on their personal desire.

There shouldn’t be any discretion when it comes to adult costumes, simply because adults are mature enough to know if the outfit reveals their personal body areas to the public.

Females and males alike have the tendency to dress in uncanny clothing that show certain private parts of their body. However, women tend to get more of the judgment calls of being perceived as “slutty”.

The standards for females to dress in costumes that are too sexy, has no limitation, since adults popularly celebrate Halloween in parties, where children are not present. It certainly should stop the conflict when people argue that seductive costumes affect the eyes of young ones.

Females who decide to wear revealing costumes, shouldn’t involve anyone’s indulgence to criticize their choice to dress up as they want for Halloween. The yearly holiday allows people to have the freedom to explore different daring costumes that meet the eyes of others.

For the most part, on Halloween the problem shouldn’t rely on the fact with how women dress to “skanky,” since the holiday is usually based on all sorts of types of costumes that are gruesome, violent, bloody, disgusting, with costume accessories of knives and plastic machetes.

Some costumes are even offense towards certain religions when men dress up as priests and women dressing up as nuns. But there is no judgement passed because they aren’t revealing any of their body parts.

The unfair censorship on the way women dress on Halloween is overall exaggerated by people who perceive the costumes sexually explicit and as not having the respect for oneself for wearing the outfit.

Critical comments on provocative costumes of women, always exclude the attention on how men also dress in controversial outfits that very little to imagine with the eye, except men aren’t frowned upon compared to women, because they don’t the essential female body parts.

Aside from the judgmental remarks towards the way women dress down for the occasion, it most certainly won’t prevent from how erotic women costumes will get and it most definitely won’t put to an end of the merriment and thrill of Halloween.

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Halloween Judgement Calls on Women Costumes