Cerritos College
Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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It’s widely debated about the exception of women coaching male sports and also for female teams. Acceptation of men coaches is preferably appointed, because in society it is believed that women aren’t as aggressive and competitive as male coaches.

The world of sports is a collaboration of men and women that come together in a field of athletic enthusiasm and are determined to play the game to the best of how they are being coached.

One thing is for sure of these players, is that they are trained with the best coaching methods to raise abilities of gaining advantage over the opposing team.

Although, we see these teams in great shape, the gender orientation that are most publicly known, are male coaches.

In reality, society needs to encourage the fact the women are just as capable of coaching a male sport just as a man.

A statistic recorded by two Brooklyn college professors, was reported by TIMES magazine, only disappointing 42% of women coached female teams. The disturbing number was taken just four years ago.

Its not about a sexist nation that the United States lives in, but about the mere possibility  for women to gain the chance to coach a college and professional team.

Cerritos College women basketball coach, Karen Welliver, thinks the majority of male coaches come from the set idea that “some men may not respond as well to a female coach because in society males are often raised to be the head of the household. So, it me be uncomfortable for them to be coached by a female.”

Breaking the cycle of the bias circle of male coaches, women have to prove themselves to an extent where it gives them to the choice to carry on a family and coach an ambitious team.

Women coaches have to be two steps ahead of a male in order to prove her stamina to lead her team to victory. Sometimes it can get really difficult especially if a women coach has a family to balance and a team to nurture.

Having a family while coaching can get in the way of having a career in coaching professional sports, but it shouldn’t prevent women from having leadership role in a female and male aspiring athlete.

By influencing athletes to accept the trend of male coaches, overcomes the role that women have to bring the table with a chance to impact players of a prominent team.

It is perceived by fans of any sport, when a male coaches a female team, it comes out to be a strong-minded team, but for women coaching male players, it is suggested that the team won’t respect her as they would with a male.

These old stereotypes of how women can’t coach an athletic team just as great as a male is ignorance that is being spread through the eyes of fans and teams.

We are in a time where women have progressed far into the acceptation of reaching to the same level where a male can go.  They are able to continue to grow into a career where men are seen triumphed for their players success.  

Lets not resist the qualifications that women have to make her team a successor and bring a symbolic image that is a power from a female. Encouraging this change is a definite exposure that will empower the significance of woman coaches.

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