squintana- Culture Day (vic)

The International Students Association held a Culture Day at Cerritos College’s Student Center on May 2 to display the diversity of cultures on campus.

The ISA showcased posterboards and foods from Mainland Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

She continued to say that people claim to know “where the Chinese people live and where the African Americans live,” but that they are too scared to go and try there food or learn about their cultures.

There were performances done to further show the different cultures. German Sanchez gave a demonstration of Japanese culture with the art of the Samurai.

ISA president Jihyun Park said that the ISA held Culture Day to show the diversity at Cerritos College.

Former ISA president and UC San Diego student Karen Dhungana said that even though it was a last minute thing, she was glad that Culture Day was held.

He added that the students at Cerritos College don’t really know how diverse the campus is and that it was good for the ISA to show them.