Cerritos administration set to address changes in CSU admissions areas

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Talon Marks Online News

Victor Diaz and Victor Diaz

Cerritos College will be sending representatives to a public forum held by Cal State Long Beach on Feb. 24 at 10:30 a.m. to address the issue of having Cerritos College as a primary service area for admissions, according to Cerritos College President Linda Lacy.

Director of Public Relations Mark Wallace, Vice President of Student Services Stephen Johnson, Board of Trustees Secretary Bob Hughlett, Student Trustee Areal Hughes and Faculty Senate President Debra Moore, psychology professor Rita Lewellen and transfer counselors Marvelina Barcelo and Brittany Lundeen have all agreed to represent Cerritos College at the public forum, which will be held at the Coast Community College District Board Room.

While there is the possibility of legal action being taken on behalf of Cerritos College, Lacy states that the decision cannot be taken yet.

“It is premature to discuss the legal possibilities until we understand the outcome of the hearings,” she said.

The area to which a community college can send its students to with more lenient requirements, including a lowered GPA requirement, is known as a primary service area.

Currently, Cerritos College is the primary service area for Cal State Dominguez Hills.