A recap on the historic Board of Trustees election

Sarah Niemann and Sarah Niemann

In a historic election on Nov. 6, four out of the five incumbents running for the Cerritos College Board of Trustees lost their seats.

Tom Jackson, Jean M. Mchatton, Ted Edmiston and Tina Cho have been replaced by Carmen Avalos, John Paul Drayer, Marisa K. Perez, and Sandra Salazar respectively.

Many of the candidates equate the big change to the redistricting.

Avalos, board-member elect for area two, said, “The community votes for who looks like them. I think in one of the areas name recognition came into play. But this (the new board) is a positive change.”

This was the first election since the Cerritos College trustee areas were changed to give minorities more of a voice on Election Day.

“I was in support of it to diversify the board, even though I thought it could be a problem for me,” Cho said.