A look back at the crime of the semester

Daniel Green and Daniel Green

Last semester the college was plagued by a series of break-ins and vandalism across campus that resulted in stolen property and damage to offices.

Since then campus police have installed extra security and have raised the presence of officers on campus.

According to Chief Richard Bukowiecki of the campus police there has not been an increase in crime since then, and that the break-ins on campus were an anomaly.

“We’ve taken several steps including staffing changes, some infrastructure changes, you’ll see there’s some camera’s up in the area now. Since the initial thefts we haven’t had any additional break-ins.”

One of the new security upgrades are the new cameras installed in the library building where intruders stole eight Mac computers from the Math Success Center.

The ASCC building has been upgraded with new security measures. The extra security gives Nikki Jones from Judicial Affairs a little peace of mind and make her feel safer.

She said, “We got new cameras and panic buttons. We’ve tested (the panic buttons) and got a quick response (from campus police).

I feel much better with the cameras here. We’re being watched better than before.”

David Trejo, a law major, has been coming to Cerritos College for two years and has never had a problem on campus.

While he he’s happy that the school has increased security he is unsure how he feels about the extra security.

“Naturally its good, but it gets to a point where it’s an issue of privacy. I guess right now (the police officers are) doing their best. There’s not really much we can ask from them”

While security on campus has been increased Bukowiecki said that this the break-ins were not the type of crime that the campus police usually deals with.

“It’s … important to remember the break-ins, the thefts of the computers at the library were very rare events,” said Bukowiecki, “That’s really not our problem on campus. As I always say our biggest problem on campus is the theft of unattended property.”

Bukowiecki explained that most of the cases the police tend to involves people walking off with phones, backpacks, and other personal items that are left out in the open.

One of the most common places that people have had their stuff taken has been the library.

Bukowiecki went on to say that students can help the police by reporting any suspicious activity to the police as soon as they see it.

“The way that students can really help us reduce crime on campus and tremendously is to just take care of their personal property.”