Elbow Room possibly moving to new Liberal Arts building


Cerritos College Faculty Senate previously discussed in a meeting that the Elbow Room is going to be turned into a cybercafe and moved into the new Liberal Arts building.

However, there seems to be a lack of awareness and excitement by the students and the employees of the Elbow Room about the move.

The Elbow Room is located in between the Social Science Building and the current Liberal Arts building and provides students with food, drinks, and as well as any of the scantrons that students need for their exams.

Many of the students that hangout out by the Elbow Room said that they don’t really use it and that they think the move to the new building will be better for future students to use.

Third year student Lupita Aguirre said she actually didn’t know about the move.

Her response to the plans for the Elbow Room was “That’s good, we will have somewhere to sit since the sun is always here and I think it will be better.

You’ll get to do your homework in there and be a little more comfortable.”

In regard to the Wi-Fi that will be available for students, she said, “That’s always a plus, but it probably won’t be done for a while so I won’t be able to use it.”

A current employee of the Elbow Room wasn’t even aware of the changes that were going to be made.

Stephanie Wilt, who has been a student at Cerritos since 2008, said that she didn’t know about the move and doesn’t really use the Elbow Room unless it’s for a scantron when she doesn’t have any.

She responded to the news of the move by saying, “That sounds nice.”

Another second year student, Luisa Mesa, also didn’t know about the move and doesn’t use the Elbow room.

She said, “I think it will be better than (the current facility) out here.”

The new Liberal Arts Building is currently under construction right next to the Elbow Room and plans to be completed by June 2014.