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‘The Walking Dead’ Podcast: Episode 4

The Walking Dead Podcast: Episode 4

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4: Indifference Podcast

Talon Marks staff reviews, analyzes, and talks about the latest ‘The Walking Dead’ episode. Spoiler Alert!!!

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Denny Cristales: What’s up everybody! We’re here at Talon Marks and we’re discussing episode 4 of the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” Around the table right here we’re going to introduce everybody and find out what we have to say. So I’m Denny Cristales the Sports Editor.

Luis Guzman: My name is Luis Guzman I’m a Multimedia Editor at Talon Marks.


Abraham Dayfallah: Abraham Dayfallah Staff Writer.


Maria Lopez: Maria Lopez Associate Online Editor.


Denny: Alright. We’re going to discuss episode 4 of “The Walking Dead” as we said. Now I’m going to turn the hosting title to my friend Luis here. So Luis, tell me your thoughts about “The Walking Dead,” this latest episode.


Luis: The latest episode? Um, I liked it. I think it was kind of slower for me. I don’t know, it’s weird like the other three episode I liked better. The one thing that I would have to say about the episode is: Rick’s decision to leave Carol, you know, out there with the zombies I don’t think it was right. I don’t know about you guys. What do you think Abraham?


Abraham: I thought he made the right call. I know something is going to happen involving Carol and she’s going to come back one way or another because they group will find out. Or maybe Tyreese will find out that she killed his girlfriend, but who knows?


Maria: I think it was actually interesting that he kicked her out by himself instead of asking the group because the council is the one that is supposed to make the decisions but when Rick went with Carol to scout for supplies he decided for himself that he was going to kick her out single handedly. So I think it was a good decision on his part because he’s trying to protect his own family and the group but it’s a kind of morphed view because she was trying to protect the whole group herself. So, I hope Carol finds them again. I mean, I’m not worried for her safety because she seems like she has it all under control so let’s just hope she gets to see her two new children in the next episode.


Luis: Alright. Denny do you agree with Rick just leaving Carol out there without even talking to the council of the prison. What Carol did was she basically killed two people who had this disease and supposedly she did it just so the disease wouldn’t spread.


Denny: Oh I see! And just kicking her out and leaving her with the zombies. I mean I could kind of understand what he did just because she I remember you said it was kind of like a liability to the team. She could kind of be irrational and just start killing everybody off just because ‘Oh they might be zombies’ or whatever.


Luis: Yeah.

Denny: But I mean it’s understandable but I mean at the same time you can just kind of sit down and be like ‘Ey! Stop killing people.’




Denny: So I mean that’s my two cents.


Luis: Alright cool. Other that that what did you like from the episode Abraham?


Abraham: I liked how the group came together. Daryl’s group with Michonne, Tyreese and Bob, they worked as a team to get medicine and I liked where they were going with it, how they hotwired the car and changed out the battery. I would like to see how survival was made in these episodes. I don’t want to just see them have all these items and not know how do they get them. It’s kind of interesting.


Luis: Alright. Maria, what did you like about the episode?


Maria: For me, shockingly I think this episode was really fast paced compared to the other ones.


Luis: Really?


Maria: Yes, because when the episode was over I just thought to myself ‘Is it really over?’ There was so much going on in my opinion and I also liked the dynamics between Daryl’s group. I was shocked that Bob got the alcoholic drink and then Daryl just… he almost… It looked like he was about to kill him. I actually wanted him to because Bob has messed up twice already and he has compromised their safety twice. Daryl’s friend, the one that died I think two episodes ago, he died because Bob was getting wine and he alerted the zombies. I mean, Daryl was just pissed because Bob told him about it and I hope Bob dies.


Maria: I actually hope he dies.


Abraham: I concur.


Maria: The only reason why they’re keeping him is because he’s a doctor. He is also an alcoholic and he has a big problem with alcohol that is making people die.


Denny: Well I agree that he’s probably dead weight and like he’s probably holding everybody back but c’mon death?


Maria: He got a younger kid who was probably like twenty or younger. He got him killed because he wanted to drink wine. So I don’t know, he’s a big no-no.

Denny: A man’s got to drink…


Luis: Why can’t there be just one time when no one messes up. There always has to be that one person and that army guy. Arrrrrgh!


Denny: I’m a fan of Bob and I think he’s misunderstood. I can understand his alcoholic problems. He’s the nurse or whatever, he helps everybody else, well why don’t you help Bob out man take him to the rehabilitation.


Luis: Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking man. They shouldn’t just chastise him. Help him out. Remember that one scene where Daryl confronts him about the bottle. I mean, c’mon man, he has some past problems. He’s been in the army you know?


Denny: Obviously something is bothering him. We have to figure it out.

Maria: Yeah.


Denny: If he’s dead weight now I’m pretty sure in the future he’s going to be something that’s going to like make him snap. I’m looking forward… Here’s my prediction, he is going to be a key role or something pivotal in the future episodes down the line.


Luis: You may be right.


Abraham: He even uses guns. He doesn’t use knives. He drew attention to the group. Everyone was using axes, swords, his bow and arrow. He chose, you remember… he chose his pistol… it was kind of stupid.


Denny: Yeah. It could be a special character too where he just smacks people with wine bottles or something. [laughter] And he dies happy you know.


Maria: A lot of things happened but not much happened. You get me?


Luis: Yeah.

Maria: There was a lot of character development between the groups but I’m just hoping for them to explain what the hell is going on with the rats and disease. I mean the previews for the next episode it was just crazy. Did you guys watch it?


[Abraham, Luis, and Denny reply in unison]


Maria: It seems like Glenn is just going to like drop dead anytime soon and Maggie was freaking out in the preview. I don’t know.


Abraham: Whose boots was it behind the wall I saw someone die in the preview.


Maria: Really? Someone died in the preview? Oh no!


Luis: Yeah.


Denny: Not Bob!


Abraham: I don’t know who it might be Maggie’s sister.


Maria: Oooh!

Luis: Oh no! That’s not good. She’ll turn crazy! So guys predictions for the next episode?


Abraham: I predict that Carol will have her own scene like what she’s up to.

Maria: I predict Carol will try to get the girls back because she promised their father that she would protect them and I mean Rick is trying to get her away from the group and those girls are her responsibility now so I hope that she goes back to get them. I also hope that Darryl, Bob, Tyreese, and Michonne end up coming back because their group was supposed to get the supplies and they’re still not there. They haven’t gone back to the prison, it’s been like three episodes. Something is going to go on that side.


Luis: Someone is going to die.


Maria: Maybe…

Denny: Don’t they always?


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Luis: There’s always someone dying…


Maria: It’s really going crazy between their group because it’s been a long time and they still haven’t gone back to the prison.


Luis: Alright.


Denny: I think Carol will come back as a zombie, almost kill Daryl, but like Bob will save the day and he’ll be all ‘I’m not drunk, I’m just kidding’. Smack her with like a beer and she’ll be an alcoholic.


Luis: I predict that they’re going to do an AA meeting for Bob.


Denny: Yes! Save Bob.


Luis: Like ‘Tell us your problems…’Alright well, you want to close this up?


Denny: Yeah sure. why not? Well this was ‘The Talking Dead’ with Talon Marks. We discussed episode four. So just come back for episode five. We’ll be her chatting, joking, possibly giggling. Now just to do the round table… I’m Denny Cristales I’m the Sports Editor.


Luis: I’m Luis Guzman, Multimedia Editor in Talon Marks.


Abraham: I’m Abraham Dayfallah, Staff Writer.


Maria: I’m Maria Lopez, Associate Online Editor.


Denny: Thank you very much, see you later.


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Maria Lopez, Online Editor
Fall 2014 Being Online Editor has it’s moments. Maria Lopez, solemnly swears that she's up to do good. This is her third semester at Talon Marks and second as Online Editor. She enjoys the job because it’s fun, challenging, and a way to let others know what’s going on around campus. In her spare time she loves to read books, volunteer in her community, visit the local library, listen to music, and watch myriad television shows and documentaries. Her hope in life is to get visited by a doctor in a blue box. Feel free to contact Maria in these formats: Follow on Twitter @mlopeztweets Email at [email protected]
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