‘There Ought to be a Law’ encourages student ideas

Assemblymember Christina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced a contest called “There Ought to be a Law” into the 58th district, which is open to anyone who wants to submit an idea regarding a new law that could be passed.

A winner will be chosen and flown to Sacramento to meet with committees and learn the process of creating and approving legislation.

The 58th district includes the cities of Bellflower, Downey, Commerce, Pico Rivera, Cerritos, Artesia, Montebello and parts of Norwalk.

It also includes Bell Gardens, the city of which Garcia is a resident, she says that since she was young and started to take notice in her neighborhood she hasn’t seen a contest like this.

Garcia says that this program will go on past its current Jan. 17 deadline.

She feels that is important that this opportunity is open to everyone throughout her term.

“I’m still learning and I want my constituents to learn with me,” Garcia said.

She hopes that submissions will continue throughout the year, even if she is re-elected this November.

Garcia went on to say that being frustrated with something that is bothering a person is a simple place to start off at when creating a law.

Associated Students of Cerritos College vice president, Aldemar Sanchez, believes that this is a great opportunity being presented to students.

“It could be a push for students,” he said. “They could have a chance to change the government.”

He said that for the student government, a lot of the members are political science majors and want to be politicians, and this contest would serve as a way to see what they may be doing in the future.

Other students at Cerritos College have had ideas of their own for laws that could be created.

Annalissa Chavez, political science major, believes it is important for students to get involved in politics and become more aware of the world around them.

“I would create a law that would enable students to read a bible during [break time] based on their preference.”

As for Daren Lawis, a student veteran, he thinks it should be against the law to take away veterans benefits.

Physical therapy major, Timothy Neal, believes that there should be a law that would change racial profiling by police officers.

Garcia said that out of the submissions she has received, some of the laws have been to stop euthanasia of animals.

She said that it has been fun to see what everyone has come up with.

The contest has even received gun law submissions, some saying that there should be no guns allowed and others say that everyone should have one.

Submissions are accepted through Garcia’s website at http://asmdc.org/members/a58/.