Board of Trustees recognizes scholarship recipients, talks accreditation

The Board of Trustees met Wednesday, July 16, to recognize the recipients of the Cerritos College Foundation scholarships,  to receive the third installment of  its ongoing  student success programs presentations and to discuss the recent accreditation results.

  • John Conti was the recipient of the Dr. Shin Liu International Leadership award.
  • Adtera Lim was presented the Perez-Medrano Scholarship
  • Annie Ayala and Daniel Jaramillo were presented the  Dr. Sandra Salazar STEM Scholarship.

Professor Timothy Juntilla gave a presentation on the effectiveness of the Scholar Honors Program and what it hopes to achieve.

Juntilla pointed out that SHP doesn’t fill students’ heads with ‘you can do it’ rhetoric and instead taps into their will to succeed.

He proposed widening the school’s contacts in order to get more high school students involved in the program.

Juntilla said that vocal support from the board members, more community outreach and attendance of the SHP meetings would go a long way in increasing the program’s effectiveness.

Professor Sue Parsons gave a presentation on the Learning Communities Program after Juntilla. Learning Communities was institutionalized in fall of 2000 and includes First-Year Experience and EOPS. The new program Umoja will join FYE and EOPS this upcoming fall semester.

According to Parsons, since  its inception, the Learning Communities program has had an 80 percent success rate over non-learning community schools.

Student Trustee Daniel Flores-Resendiz asked Parsons why the math scores were low during her presentation. “It’s a difficult question to answer,” Parsons replied.

Dr. JoAnna Schilling spoke in regards to the recent accreditation review and results and mentioned a meeting on July 22 in which the results will be reviewed and assigned work groups for individual problems.

Resendiz asked about putting up bulletin boards for students to post to;  he suggested “The Hill” because of its high traffic.  Dr. Stephen Johnson also supports putting up student bulletin boards.

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be on Wednesday, August 13.

The meeting agenda and minutes can be found on the Cerritos College website.

Foundation Scholarships will be accepted for the Fall 2014 semester starting August 1. More information can be found at the Foundation website.