Warehouse building taken down


Gustavo Lopez

Construction workers tore down the warehouse building Thursday morning.

The Warehouse and Purchasing Building came down the early morning of Thursday, August 7. The demolition is the footprint that will make way for the CIS, Math and Fine Arts buildings.

The Warehouse and Purchasing Building has been unused since it was moved to the Facilities and Purchasing building.

The space the warehouse occupied will be used for equipment and heavy machinery. “Where the building is right now, it’s going to be called what’s called a construction yard; whenever you’re building a building, you have to have an adjacent yard that you can operate out of,” said David Moore, director of physical plant and construction services.

The completion of the CIS and Fine Arts is set for 2016, according to Linda Lacy, president of Cerritos College. Following the completion of the new buildings, and pending a state construction bond, the current Fine Arts building will be taken down, and a new Burnight Center Theatre will take its place.