Chief Bukowiecki remembered by family, friends, colleagues at memorial service

Family members, friends and former colleagues of former Campus Police Chief Richard Bukowiecki remembered him with great love and appreciation at a memorial service, which took place at the Student Center on Saturday, Sept. 13.

His eulogy read, “Chief Bukowiecki, ‘Buk,’ was known for his calm demeanor and professionalism. Whether he was addressing the Faculty senate or student leadership, leading an investigation or managing an emergency, he was always composed and in charge of the situation.”

Charlotte O’Rourke, a retired secretary for campus police, expressed her appreciation toward Chief Bukowiecki, “He was the nicest, sweetest person you could ever work for; if I had a problem, I could talk to him and it wouldn’t go any further.”

As soon as the memorial started, tearful and warm-hearted family members and former colleagues of Chief Bukowiecki went up to give speeches of gratitude for having the opportunity to have known such a great person.

During the speech, Melissa Cramer-Kaegbein, sister of Bukowiecki, said he was a great big brother to her and an awesome father to his children.

“While growing up, I always wanted to be like my big brother. He taught me so much. He loved all of his six children unconditionally,” she said.

She added, “I remember him being excited over changing his first-born daughter’s very first dirty diaper; that was just who he was, loving and caring.”

During mid-service, two short videos with pictures of Chief Bukowiecki were showed. For the duration of the two videos, the atmosphere was full of memories; early ones of his youthful years, to where his family was being built and to his latest days.

But it wasn’t only tears and sadness. Almost everyone that expressed himself during the memorial shared some of the funny moments of being around him, everyone had something nice to say about Chief Bukowiecki.

Toni Grijalva, Cerritos College coordinator of community relations, said, “‘Buk’ was a wonderful man, caring and loving. He was always someone that you could go to if you had a problem and he would certainly resolve it for you. He was just always there for you.”

Grijalva continued, “He was an excellent representative of the college and he’ll be truly missed.”