DSPS dedicates reception area to Bob Hughlett


Dr. Bob Hughlett was honored by having the DSPS office named after him. He has been with Cerritos College for roughly 30 years. Photo credit: Julien Galvan

Julien Galvan

The Disabled Student Programs and Services office held a commemoration Tuesday, Sept. 16, for Dr. Bob Hughlett, officially honoring him by naming the reception area in his name and including a plaque next to the entrance of the renamed DSPS office.

Hughlett has been a part of Cerritos College for around 30 years, and has continued to provide unconditional support to the school, particularly in the field of working with students who have disabilities.

“Well, I was kind of overwhelmed,” he said about his name being put onto the DSPS building. “It was a dream that I had years ago to consolidate all of the services for students with disabilities in a place like this.”

The building itself is quite a marvel, according to faculty.

The tech center features high-tech computers with various types of services and other technologies, including a projector that also serves as touchscreen for the computer; which works in assisting any sort of student with disabilities.

“It’s been fabulous. Every student, faculty and staff member that I’ve talked has been just ecstatic,” Dr. Linda Lacy, president of Cerritos College, said.

Everyone who had shown up to the official commemoration for Dr. Hughlett were all visibly overjoyed to see him being commemorated.

The DSPS program, with its resources and faculty, continues to assist disabled students as Hughlett envisioned.