Spanish Independence presentation expands student’s mindsets


Students are listening to how Mexico fought for its independence. Photo credit: Alexander Naveja

Alexander Naveja

A history presentation had a classroom full of students on Tuesday, Sept. 16, with a total of 67 students in the classroom.

The students that attended the presentation were informed about how Mexico got its independence.

Jonathon Gonzalez, a student that attended the presentation, said, “This was very important to me because I’m Hispanic and it is very relevant to me as a person.”

The students also felt that the presentation helped them in any issues they are having in their history classes.

One student that attended, Aaron Wallace, said, “I believe it will help me in the future when I take history classes. I think I’ll start to understand more of what I’m learning in history classes.”

Professor Walter Fernandez was the presenter at this event.

Fernandez said, “I am a history teacher and I would like to see the history department attract more students. They don’t necessarily have to be history majors, but I think if students use history, along with their other subjects to try to understand social, economic, political phenomena, the changes in cultures; what that does is creates a better, informed student, a student that can function better in the modern world.”

Informing students about Mexican Independence Day is a part of that philosophy Fernandez mentioned.

“I think the presentation was meant to be just a brief introduction to the meaning of these independence days that are celebrated in September. Hopefully students will get this info and pursue it more on their own or take the classes that address Latin America.”