Faculty Senate discusses adding more classes

Julien Galvan, Staff Writer

The Faculty Senate had a variety of things that the group discussed during the meeting in the board room on Tuesday, Sept. 23.

One of the first things that was discussed was the procedure on adding classes in future semesters. The idea is based on necessity in a way, with putting it in students’ GE’s, trade classes and any other class that involves getting a degree.

Something that was proposed was having students involved in this task force.

Another topic touched on was the future of the campus as a whole, including the construction on campus.

An eco-friendly operation is in the works, which would have recycling stations on different parts of the campus, so things are put away properly. Also included would be having “hydration stations” on campus so students can keep hydrated, even if they can’t afford to go to the bookstore and buy a bottle of water.

Also referenced was the placement of bulletin boards in high-traffic areas on campus for students to see. The goal of these bulletin boards would be to keep students informed in regards to different events occurring for the school, like sporting events or fundraisers.