Construction inspectors visit for building assessments

Jennifer Medina

Two building inspectors are on campus for the week of Sept. 29 to Oct. 3, performing building assessments of all structures on campus.

“The state maintains a data base on community colleges and the buildings, so every three years (inspectors) do an onsite assessment,” David C. Moore, director of Physical Pant and Construction Services, said.

“(Inspectors) verify that the buildings that are in the data base are correct, that the square footage (of each structure is) correct, that the use (of each building is) correct and then (they) also assess the condition of the building; this is called an existing conditions assessment.”

Even though the inspectors are not here to try to remodel or reconstruct anything, students think that someone should take a look at just the basics of the classrooms and the sizes.

Students expressed their opinions about some things they think that the school should improve on.

Chemical engineering major Joshua Peralta, said, “I think the building structures are OK, especially like the science and the math ones; the only thing is I think that maybe (the buildings) should have more mobility access.”

He added, “I also think that that the older buildings, like the chemistry and science rooms, we have to sit on the stools and that is a bit uncomfortable; maybe the only thing that the school would need is more lecture halls.”

Cristina Hernandez, a child development major, also thinks that some classrooms are uncomfortable, “I think that the older buildings, like the ones in the library building, need more space or more seats because it’s too crowded.”

While students that have been here for quite a while agree that some things need to change, new students think that the buildings are decent.

Alyssa Perez, an undecided major, said, “I think the buildings are really nice; I’m new here, so I think that everything is OK. I have all my classes in the new buildings, so the new buildings seem very OK to me.”