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Students informed about learning styles

Maria Lopez
Pamela Sepulveda, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker presented a workshop on learning styles to students. She will be presenting another workshop on Oct. 30 titles “Intimate Partner Violence.”

Even though less than 10 people attended the Re-Entry Program’s Learning Styles Workshop, the desire to learn was not lost in those who attended.

The workshop was presented by Pamela Sepulveda, a licensed clinical social worker who works for Casa Youth Shelter, from 11 p.m. to noon Tuesday, Sept. 30.

Shannon Estrada, Re-Entry program coordinator, said that the workshops given usually have much more attendees. She thinks that not putting the workshop on the Daily Falcon may have contributed to less students attending because some professors on campus use it as an extra credit opportunity.

Sepulveda teaches parenting classes at the Casa Youth Shelter in Los Alamitos and says that knowing your personal learning style and that of your children’s is important.

“It is important that you know how to learn,” Sepulveda said. She encourages students to use the Internet as a tool to look for resources on how to find out your learning style.

Sepulveda used personal experiences during her own college years and said that having a support network helps. She said the biggest reason most students fail exams is because they can’t get organized in a logical way and take advantage of the learning styles that they use the most.

“Once you figure out that you have a certain kind of learning style, maybe you’re dominant in one area, maybe that is part of the reason why you prefer one professor over another,” she said.

Sepulveda stressed that television dictates too much how and what students learn and that it stunts creativity, both in children and adults.

A “Learning Modality Questionnaire” was given to those who attended; it asked questions that distinguished the learning style students would have more inclination on. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles were the three options. In a quick survey, most of the attendees were primarily visual learners.

Crista Carp, administration of justice major, says she found out about the workshop through a flyer she was given. She says she liked the workshop and how Sepulveda presented.

“I chose to come to this (workshop) (because) it fit in with my schedule,” she said.

Carp says that after taking the questionnaire, her learning style ended up being primarily visual.

“I liked the input on the different learning styles. I learned a little more about myself. I didn’t know that there was a specific learning group that I was in, but once she put everything on the PowerPoint, I was able to say ‘Oh, yeah! That’s me!’ And I was able to figure out what type of learning style my son may have, which will help at home.”

Carp is thinking of coming to the next workshop being presented by Sepulveda, “Intimate Partner Violence.”

“I was thinking about it. Not because I’m in an unhealthy relationship now, but because I have been before and I think that I may be able to give some advice to people who are going through it now,” she said.

For more information on the Re-Entry Program’s upcoming workshops and events visit: http://cms.cerritos.edu/re-entry-program/workshops-and-events.htm


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Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez, Online Editor
Fall 2014 Being Online Editor has it’s moments. Maria Lopez, solemnly swears that she's up to do good. This is her third semester at Talon Marks and second as Online Editor. She enjoys the job because it’s fun, challenging, and a way to let others know what’s going on around campus. In her spare time she loves to read books, volunteer in her community, visit the local library, listen to music, and watch myriad television shows and documentaries. Her hope in life is to get visited by a doctor in a blue box. Feel free to contact Maria in these formats: Follow on Twitter @mlopeztweets Email at [email protected]
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Students informed about learning styles